Mexican Girls and BBC

What you love about Mexican girls?

  • Their body types

    Votes: 21 53.8%
  • Their cravings for BBC

    Votes: 19 48.7%
  • Make great housewives

    Votes: 8 20.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 7 17.9%

  • Total voters
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Now this is a HOT topic that I want to bring up for a while.
Knowing that I'm from the greatest city in the world, which is NYC.
I see a large population of Hispanics and Latinos growing in numbers throughout the decade. But the most fascinating group of women that got me intrigued due to there body size and type, is the Mexican Females. I've seen them all over the place and even throughout the country.

But the ones that I truly adore are the ones living in these places like TX, AZ, CA, CO, and NM. They have amazing features that I can't take my eyes off of such as their crave for BBC. This year I hope to get my chances on getting a Mexican girl and giving her that BBC. Has any other Bulls in here flirted or messed around with a Mexicanita? Share your thoughts.

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