loss of control?


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I keep reading post where women say they love the loss of control when with a black guy. What do you ladies mean by loss pf control?


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Interesting....so more of a "I don't care about ajything else right now" type of mentality
When a person is approaching orgasm they are not thinking clearly or logically. It is a good reason why things need to be talked about before you get between the sheets. Women that I fuck know that I will try not to hurt them and I will try to bring them to orgasm repeatedly if possible. Great sex is very primal. If the woman is comfortable with the person that is fucking her and confident in his ability she can get lost in the moment and experience great pleasure. The main reason married women seek out alternate bed partners is is that the alternate bed partners lets them experience something they can't at home.

Interestingly one of my bed partners told me that she could never let herself go with her husband like she did with me. She thought that her husband would think of her as a slut if he really seen her drop her inhibitions. With me she was a tiger in bed, she would talk nasty, and she loved loved to get on top and dare me to try to not cum because she was going to make cum me whether I wanted to or not. She said that she could never do any of that with her husband. And yes he did not participate and I doubt he was aware of me.