Looking to put this somewhere warm

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What to do?? Been a while since I got some white pussy

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  1. Coochcrusher1

    Coochcrusher1 New Member

    I have been out of the game for a while and I moved back home to Chicago. Where do I start!?

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  2. freestatecurious

    freestatecurious Active Member

    How about with me on my knees at your feet.

    I am looking up at you hungrily. I am almost drooling at the prospect of your cock in my mouth.

    My mouth is wide open and my tongue stretching out to caress the underside of your cock. I want you to focus on me as I slide that beauty into my throat and then down my throat until you're balls deep.

    After about 5 minutes of devoted cock worship I want you to tell me if my mouth is warm enough or if you need something more.