Looking for well hung Black gent to seduce wife

Professional Married white couple, both mid 30's, in Mississauga.

Looking for something diffeerent, for someone to develop a relationship with her, eventually spend time alone, sleep overs, dates etc.
She is 5'11, curvy build, dark brown hair, brown/green eyes, milky white complexion, very long sexy legs, and busty 36c.

She loves well hung black gents (8+ inches), it adds to her thrill.
Married guys okay as long everyone is open and honest.
We are looking for someone she can have a long term relationship with, someone willing to invest a bit of time, evolving into a serious relationship with feelings.

Our history: We started 7 years ago with a friendly black gent and been her long time lover. fucking on a regular basis while hubby watched. Things were great, but due to business reasons, he moved 3 years ago and we have not been able to meet.

Then back in December 2010, another nice black gent started to hit on her at work (with my assistance - met him on another site). He was very persistent in his persuit of her. Finally she relented and they became intimate a number of times. She would go to his house and have a blast. She really liked the whole "cheating wife" scenario where she would go off alone to her lovers house.

They both were having a great time when he suddenly had to move out of province due to his job. He was a great guy, she liked him a lot, losing him was discouraging for her, she really misses what they had.

So here is the plan.
Find a black gent thats a good fit for what she likes, is willing to hit on her at work (she works retail so she is available for conversation).
Flirt with her, compliment her, see if you can get her to go out for lunch etc with you... swap contact info, court her, and eventually getting her into your bed.
She really enjoyed the whole process with her last lover.

Keep in mind this will move slow before she feels comfortable. If you are willing to put time in, things can work out great.

A little about what she likes sexually. She does not like receiving oral but will give. Her thing is deep hard fucking, stamina is a must. Her fav position with her old lovers was missionary as she felt that was the most intimate position to be in and she really enjoys intimacy! A multi orgasmic male would be great.
These are high standards, apologies if anyone is offended, but this is what she enjoyes.

You can read all about our experiences here:

Get back if interested.
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Am near you dear.get in touch with me.
I have mailed you too and posted in another thread.looking forward.
Can you drop me a mail to
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