looking 4 a BBC or 2

Discussion in 'Couples and Women Seeking' started by Owen, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Owen

    Owen New Member

    My sexy ass G/F has never had a black cock before and i wanna give her one or 2 tow play with and she can see wat it can do to her juicy tight pussy hit me up if ur in c.a
    02.JPG 01.jpg
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  2. kratos123

    kratos123 New Member

    Would love to give her a big thick cock and make her squeal :)
  3. sean

    sean New Member

    You cuckold white guys are amazing.а I am in the North Jersey Area and would love to give your women my hard black dick with you watching,( or for those who prefer, giving it to both of you).а Get back to me if interested.а I'm not big on sending pics i the mail but we can work it out.а Lets hear more about you white boys giving your women to black men. Thanks
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  4. CelibateWhtBoy

    CelibateWhtBoy New Member

    She looks perfect as a sexual gift to black men. I am glad to see more and more white couples are looking to the black man to provide her with the sexual experience our white females need.

    Sean, it is also good to see black guys willing to not only provide the black cum for the white girls to carry inside them but also allow their white husbands and boyfriends to carry it as well. I think it is important for them both to carry it as a couple. It not only makes a statement about his dominance over the white couple but also gives him an ego boost with just the thought or even the discussion about how he was able to get his black cum inside both of them whether both received it directly or it was delivered inside her first and then hubby gets his share from her.

    Either way the black guys should never feel like it was a gay act on their part because there is no way it could be. There is a huge difference between getting your dick inside someone else than someone else getting their dick inside you I don't care what anyone says.

    I am really glad to see more white boys wanting their white women to be fucked by the black man. We know that our women need this power fucking that only a black man can give her before she can feel like a real woman that has experienced true sexual gratification and accomplishment. Plus she is in a better mood afterwards and we all know that if she ain't happy ain't no one happy.
  5. catalist121

    catalist121 Guest

    We have the best men in NJ!
  6. pipelayer351975

    pipelayer351975 Active Member Real Person Gold Member

    Great pics she could have my 9inches anytime just bring her to Central TX and I will do the rest
  7. wanabecucked

    wanabecucked Well-Known Member

    I want to get my wife blacked & i have told her my hpoes & dreams.
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