Letter to a White Wife


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Hi there Johann,

My name is SHANGO. We haven't met in person, at least not yet anyway, only through letters sent through emails such as this, but in the next upcoming months entering the New Year, our meeting will happen. Your husband, Timmy, has undoubtedly told you about me, about him wanting for us to meet, as well of the things he desires that I met upon you. Such is true. I have basked in the loving delight of seeing your pictures that he has sent to me in the past months, and I evidently do like what I've seen. However, pictures don't always do justice to the thought of meeting one face to face in the flesh.
I will put things in as few words as I possibly can. I do want you. I can't wait for the time to arrive when I will make you a known woman of mine. I do imagine my hands caressing your naked white thigh, running it across to grasp your ample buttocks (I know you've got a thick, white butt from the pictures of you I've seen), and going up to caress your breasts. By the time I've brought my lips to one of them, flicking it over your nipple, you would by that time experience a shock you've never felt before. That your body will no longer be a vessel of yours but of mine to own and do with as much as I want. As much as I desire to.

You want the same thing too. You don't need to hide it; your husband and I have talked about it through much length of time. I know if I'm there you would be jumping all over me right now. Pity that's not the case right now, but I'm looking forward to it.


I look forward to both of you picking me up at the airport or maybe at the bus, and there you are, looking lovely and radiant as a butterfly in summer. You've got on a short skirt and sleeveless blouse and you run towards me and hug me, pressing your tits against my chest. We hop into the vehicle and your husband is our chauffeur while we lounge in the backseat, talking about this and that. Except we won't be just talking. I've got my hand over your leg and you're pressing your body against mine. Your hand slides down to my crotch - you want to know what sweetness I brought for you as you feel my growing erection under my jeans. Your husband looks at us through the rear view mirror and smiles as he watches you unzip my fly and reach into the recess to whip out my cock that's growing hard in your hand. You just have got to have it, there's nothing else in your mind as you bend your head downward and take that cock into your mouth. Yes ... it feels good, doesn't it? Tastes good too, don't go denying that. You give it another taste, just to know you've got the real black snake caught in your hand, and then open your mouth wider to swallow some more of it. You pull up your blouse and let your tits fall out of your bra and I in return squeeze those nipples of yours and you can't help but moan as you keep taking more of that black cock all into your mouth, gagging on it. Oh yeah, that's what I want you to do. You're not just a white married, slut, you're as well a dirty white whore wanting this black cock I've got for you, and I want you to take as much of my black prick into your mouth and suck and choke on it and don't stop until the air's nearly done in your mouth. I want you caressing my balls too. I'll push my pants down so you can suck on them pair of testicles, act like you really want to, you dirty slut!

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