Last Night

I have suggested (admittedly off & on) for some time now that Su "go black." I think deep inside she wants to and at times I think she has been close to doing it. Based on what Su did & said last night I think she is very close - what happened and what Su said last night makes me think she is close to “going black.”...

Spring Break was over. The older boys were going back to school so it was the last night we would all be together for a time. Su wanted to have a nice dinner out so I took the whole family out to the best and most expensive restaurant in town (whenever I spend money and/or give her what she wants Su is always horny as hell and hot to trot so I didn’t really mind the expense since I knew she would be craving sex as soon as we got home). Dinner was exceptional, Su had had a couple of glasses of wine so was feeling good (2 drinks and Su is begging for sex). Walking back to the car Su said, “Look, Mike, a chocolate store”

I said, “You want some chocolate, baby?”

Su smiled and said, “What kind of chocolate?”

I grabbed her ass and said, “A chocolate dick. Are you wanting some big chocolate dick?”

Still smiling Su said, “I knew that was what you were thinking of when you asked me what kind of chocolate I wanted.”

I replied, “Thats because I knew what you were thinking of when you said mentioned the chocolate store.”

We went on home and went to bed. The younger boys had wanted us to watch a Disney movie with them but we were already in bed. Su said, “I told them we would watch the movie with them.'

I replied that I would rather watch a dirty movie. She said, “You want to watch a movie with a big black cock in it and I said yes. She told the boys to start the movie without us, locked the bedroom door and picked out “Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks” that had a picture of an Asian girl kneeling before a big black man. She put the movie on and as a sexy Asian woman began to stroke a black man’s enormous cock said, “She likes big black cocks, doesn’t she?”

I ate her pussy while she watched the movie (it consisted of several different scenes, each with one or more Asian women sucking & fucking one or more hung black men). After about 30 to 45 minutes of Su watching the movie while I ate her pussy, she asked me to get her big black dildos for her. She finished the movie while I ate her and while I fucked her with her big black dildos. All the while she commented how she loved big cocks, what big cocks the black men had, how much the horny Asian women loved big black cocks, etc… I alternated between eating and licking her, fucking her and fucking her with the big black dildos until the movie was over then Su put on another movie with more Asian girls sucking & fucking more hung black men. While we were having sex we talked about her finally doing it with black men and, again she told me she wanted to do it. I assured her it was okay, that I was getting old, too old to satisfy her, and it was time she had a black lover.