Kind and caring UK cuck

I'm an attractive middle-aged white male who is well-educated, kind, caring, thoughtful and open-minded. I'm looking for a cuckold type relationship with a white female who likes black men but may also want a stable long-term relationship with a white male.

Doesn't matter whether you are experienced with black men or haven't yet delved into the interracial scene.
It's strange to lay out all your sexual fetishes and kinks before you meet someone. Usually it's an emphasis on 'normality' and how well one is doing under white big brother's chosen political and economic system to catch the girl and then all hell breaks lose!
Here it's a case of show your fetish and kinks and hope for the best. I think here is a bit more honest and real.
Hello there.. Short question, are you interested in black females too?
I find women of all races attractive. However, with my particular fetish it's the cuckolding of a white couple by a big black man that strikes a cord and that means having a white partner. That said, I think being cuckolded by a black female would be pretty hot too!