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Once I realized how kinky Eric was I had to decide whether to stay with him or not. I mean I like sex a lot but I had no idea what he was really like. It soon came around to his desire to watch me fuck a black guy. When we would make love he would tell me about his secret desires which made me hot as well, but with Eric it was becoming all the time. Finally I told him that if he wanted it so bad that he should arrange it and I'd do it. He seemed surprised but wasted little time finding a suitable stallion to carry out his dark fantasy.

We met at a local hotel and after a few awkward moments it was determined that we were all there for the same reason. His name was Darion and was a big, black, handsome stud. Darion and I started making out while Eric sat back and watched us. Soon I was naked and Darion was eating my pussy with his big tongue. It didn't take long for me to reach my first orgasm and then a couple more. Darion stood and removed his clothes revealing his gigantic black cock. I couldn't believe it. It was even bigger than Bobby's. By then I was so horny and wet that I spread my legs and Darion slid half way inside me with one push. He stretched my pussy to its limits and after a few moments he was able to bury himself all the way inside me and we started fucking like mad. It was so good to have a black cock inside me again. I didn't realize how much I missed getting banged by a big black bull.

I came several more times before Darion filled me with his hot cum. I asked Eric if this is what he had wanted and he smiled sheepishly and said yes. I told him that he was lucky then because I wanted it again. I began sucking Darion to get him hard again and soon he was fucking me even harder than the first time. I decided that if Eric wanted me to be a cuckoldress, then I'd be one. I told him to crawl under me and lick my pussy and Darion's cock while we fucked and he did.

At that point I realized our marriage was done but I planned on playing it out for a while. If Eric wanted to support my lifestyle and let me fuck black studs, who was I to complain?