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    How did we become a Cuckold Couple? Read on and find out.

    I had only been married for a few months when I decided to move to the city and
    take a couple of summer classes at the university to try and complete my degree.
    My husband had to stay at home for work but I would return on the weekends and
    besides, it was only for a few weeks. He'd survive.

    The university offered co-ed housing for summer students and I was able to rent
    a nice, but small apartment. I settled in and began my first course. Half way
    through the first week I met Bobby, a handsome black guy who was also taking
    summer classes and staying in my building just down the hall. He seemed nice and
    friendly and he was very easy on the eyes. We would chat a little when we met
    and one evening he invited me to his apartment for some wine. At first I refused
    thinking a married woman does not go to a man's apartment for any reason, let
    alone to have a drink, especially when her husband is in another town more than
    an hour away. Bobby sensed my hesitancy and said, "just some wine Jill, that's
    all." He smiled and I realized how gorgeous he was. I thought to myself, if I
    have a couple of drinks with this stud, he'll be fucking me in no time. I
    politely declined and said "maybe some other time." He smiled again and said
    okay. I went to my apartment and he went to his.

    I turned on the tube and sat back. I didn't feel like reviewing my work even
    though I knew I should, and nothing was on television. I thought of Bobby and
    his offer of a drink. That was definitely the most inviting of my three options.
    "What the hell," I thought, "I love my husband and I can control my desires."
    The moistness of my pussy was saying something different however. I got up and
    walked back down the hallway to his door and tapped. Bobby answered and grinned
    when he saw me, "you changed your mind?"

    "Yeah," I stammered as I looked at him. He had removed his shirt and his black
    muscular body was all I could think of. Without hesitating I stepped toward him
    and kissed him. He was a little taken aback but it didn't take long for him to
    adjust to my advances. "Wow Jill, you sure 'bout this?" I wasn't sure about
    anything at that point. I only knew I had to have this beautiful black hunk of a
    man now!

    "Fuck me Bobby," I moaned, "I need you to fuck me right now." I reached down and
    felt his cock which was pointing straight upward under his loose fitting shorts.
    It was huge and I gasped as I realized the size of it. "Oh Bobby, I murmurred,
    "you're so big."

    "Don't worry baby," he whispered, "I'll be careful.

    We kissed passionately as he removed my top and bra. I reached down and pulled
    my pants and undies off. Then I pulled his shorts down and got my first look at
    his magnificent manhood. It was incredible. I realzed that he was at least twice
    the size of my husband and this only made me more excited. My pussy was slick in

    Bobby pulled me on to his bed and our bodies interlocked as we continued kissing
    and rolling our tongues together. His hands were all over me, feeling my boobs
    and ass, and then my wet, wet pussy.

    "Oh baby, you're so wet," he said, "My God girl, you must be in some serious

    I rolled him onto his back and straddled him. I couldn't wait any longer. I
    reached down between my legs and placed the head of his enormous cock into my
    slit and began moving up and down trying to take it inside of me. He was so
    fucking huge, but then it was in. I felt myself stretch wide and engulf his
    beautiful cock. I started sliding up and down on it taking a little more each
    time until it was fully inside me. I could feel him touching every inch of my
    pussy. For a moment I thought I would pass out. I placed my hands on his chest
    and began riding my black bull like an out of control cowgirl at a rodeo.

    Bobby fucked me all night long in every position imaginable and filled me over
    and over with hot cum. I can't remember having so many orgasms as I did that

    That weekend I returned home to spend the weekend with my husband, but I
    couldn't wait to get back to the city and to Bobby's big black cock.

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