It takes a real man to be a cuckold… agree disagree?

I think so. You have to be man enough to admit you may not be the best at satisfying your wife,you may have to admit you are not as well equipped as another man. and you have to control the natural jelousy that may be present


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There are so many varieties of cuckolding now, that I don't think a man's "manliness" or masculinity plays a part in many cases. Let's not forget, men are now encouraging their wives to take other sexual partners for their own gratifications, not just their wives. As a matter of fact, I'd bet well over 60-70% of the cuckolding viewed and posted, here, are white males who have the selfish desire to watch their wives with other men. Many "cuckolded" married men are cuckolds simply because they wish to be.
No doubt, however, it takes a real man to admit that he's not capable/committed of satisfying his wife, sexually, to give his wife the permission/opportunity of pursuing sexual gratification from other lovers. Mac :)