Is My hotwife to loyal?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by whitebooty, Jan 23, 2012.

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    My wife is a kinky, curvy blonde. When we go out she has gotten called goldilox many times by the black fellas. She is totally loyal and we have a sensual sexlife together, However we are very open about our fantasies and I would love to have her fucked by a muscular, hung black man. She just has a body built for a black man that can handle her for hours. She also is very attracted to black men and flirts with them on a regular basis. She told me during the game yesterday that she would like to walk around the locker room in her thong and fuck the hottest guy or guys in there. She says that it may happen someday but her loyalty stops her. I just want to watch her get what she deserves!
  2. mywife4fcks

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    for me loyalty means my wife loves me but fucks others
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  3. 12inchBBC

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    Help her understand that her loyalty is to BBC first
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  4. straightdrop

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    If shes so loyal , then make her dream and your dream [ or fantasy ]come true , I am sure there are many BBC that would line up to get a peice of that sweet pot.... DREAMS DO CUM TRUE.......
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    be loyal to her and stand behind her while she does it!