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Jessica stepped out of the car as the garage door closed behind her, followed closely by her husband, Kevin, who proceeded to fumble with his keys as he approached the door. He never saw him...the dark figure slipping from the corner, darting quickly behind his wife, wrapping his muscular arms around her and holding a knife to her pretty neck. "Do exactly what I tell you, pretty boy!" the hooded figure commanded.
Kevin froze in his tracks, hypnotized by the dark stranger who was holding his young wife across her waist with his arm. Her feet dangled above the ground. "What do you want?" Kevin asked with a tremor in his voice. "Lets start by you unbuttoning your wife's blouse," replied the intruder. "What?" Kevin mumbled in disbelief. "You heard me, white boy! Don't make me repeat myself or I'm going to start cutting!" Kevin slowly reached over to his young wife's shirt, squeezing each button thru its respective hole until her blouse fell completely open, exposing her bra. "Now the skirt," the stranger insisted, sliding his arm up the young lady's torso so as to give her husband room to work. Kevin unsnapped and then unzipped his wife's skin tight skirt. "Pull it down," the man said. Reluctantly, Kevin grasped the bottom of Jessica's skirt and slid it completely down to her ankles where it fell to the floor beneath her as her assailant lifted her even higher, simultaneously pulling off her shirt. "Now you can strip," he instructed, running the knife across Jessica's soft white shoulders, hooking each bra strap across the sharp shiny blade until they snapped, one by one.
"You want me to strip?" Kevin asked. "What for?" The intruder peered intensly thru his mask. "So I can see just how tiny your little white prick really is!" He replied. "And if you ask me one more question, I'm gonna cut it off and feed it to you." Kevin hastily removed his clothes, watching the dark stranger slide his knife down his lovely wife's generous cleavage, then across the tops of her barely covered breasts. "Let's have a look," the man whispered, gently prying each cup away from its mound with the tip of his blade, flipping it forward and exposing her tits. Jessica's nipples grew hard as he flicked them lightly with the dangerous silver edge. "She likes that, don't she white boy?" the man smirked. Kevin could barely watch, embarassed by his own nakedness and kneeling at his wife's feet. He felt the remains of his wife's bra fall over his head. Then her tiny G-String dropped to the garage floor. Much to his horror, he could see that the crotch was damp with Jessica's musty essence. "How could she be so excited?" he wondered.
"Now bring me that twine," the stranger commanded, scanning the garage for useful items. In short order, the intruder had Kevin's hands tied behind his back with his ankles bound and his clothes scattered beneath the vehicles, well beyond Kevin's reach. Then he pushed Jessica backwards on to the hood of the car where the warm metal nearly seared her delicate ass cheeks as he opened her legs and slid her down toward his face. "How does your wife's pussy taste?" the man prodded Kevin sarcastically. Jessica's tightly trimmed black muff accentuated her puffy pink labial folds, so easily separated with the twitch of a finger...so inviting to the tongue. Looking down between her legs, Jessica watched him licking her inner thighs, teasing her as he drapped her legs over his broad athletic shoulders. She knew he was a black man. She knew that Kevin knew. She watched his thick tongue darting out from the opening in his mask, licking closer and closer to her sex, until she finally felt it....she felt his hot mouth on her snatch, his tongue massaging her swollen clit....round and round it encircled her engorged and sensitive little button. She couldn't help but moan loudly, shivering from the sensation. She was soaking wet. A mixture of her juices and saliva trickled down the crack of her ass and dribbled down the freshly waxed hood of the car as Kevin watched from his knees. She tried not to cum, but it was no use. Her efforts to resist made her climax all the more powerful...jerking wildly in an orgasmic convulsion as her husband looked on, helplessly struggling to free himself.
Just as Jessica began to finally get control, she felt the dark stranger's finger probing her throbbing cunt, pumping against her G-Spot. She nearly exploded into the ceiling as he shoved yet another one of his thick digits deep into her honey hole. Sitting completely upright on the hood of the car, she sprayed her juices like a porno slut before she slammed back down on her back, squeeling and quivering, humping his hand, splattering his arm with her creamy ejaculate. The black man stood up between her legs and dropped his jeans, revealing his massive erection...at least twice the size of her husband, if not bigger. She had never been so wet or so physically ready for a cock. Even so, it would be a challenge to accept one this size...but it was hardly her decision! Kevin watched as the muscular black man toyed with his wife's sloppy pussy. His cock was easily 10 inches and as thick as her forarm. He smacked at her clit with his heavy stick, then slid the tip up the length of her slit, depositing his thick precum like a frosting over the lips of her cunt. "You on the pill, Bitch?" he snickered. "You better be!"
Kevin tried to hide his own exitement, bewildered as to why he would find such a scene so stimulating....but the intruder spotted his meager hard-on and laughed out loud. "No Fucking Way!" he cackled..."That's all you got? You're just a little pussy boy, aren't you? No wonder your wife's so easy! She needs a real man to fuck her...don't you, Baby?" With that, he pushed the head of his cock just inside of Jessica's dripping slot. Already he was meeting resistance! "What a tight little pussy you have," he mocked, pulling his cock back and then reinserting it slowly and a little deeper. Jessica arched her back with every thrust, reaching up with her hands to claw at her lover's chest. He pulled off his shirt, exposing his massive pecs, then continued to squeeze his huge organ into her tiny orifice. The pain of it was pleasure! Though the tears streamed down her face, Jessica reached down to hold his thickness, pushing it in deeper, totally unconcerned about what her husband might think. "What a slut you are!" the black man announced. "Shove it in there, you little Bitch! You want it bad, don't you? Show your little husband how much you want it! You want me to give you that black seed, don't you Bitch?" Jessica couldn't help herself. She had to answer him. "Yes!" she whispered. "What...I can't hear you," the dark stranger replied. "Yes!" she said loudly. "Fuck me, you son of a bitch! I want it! You fucking know I want it!"
The masked intruder placed his hands under Jessica's butt, lifting her pelvis into him and digging his strong hands into her tender cheeks. He streightened his back and slammed his thick shaft as deep as it would go up her love tunnel. "Aaaaaahhhhh!" Jessica screamed, feeling the burn of his long pole like a torpedo shot up her hole. Her heavy tits slapped up and down on her chest as she leaned backwards, letting her long dark hair wave across the top of the hood as she hovered above the car, suspended on the length of his human harpoon. He jabbed her again and again, pounding her cervix with the pulsating head of his mighty member, trying desperately to bury his weapon completely inside of her....to shove it in all the way to the balls so that his pendulous scrotum could smack her puckering anus with a loud, wet splattering sound....a sound that is unmistakably sexual...a sound that screams 'Fuck' to anyone who hears it....a sound that her husband simply couldn't reproduce with his own adolescent testicles. Kevin watched the black man's tightly toned buttocks squeezing and relaxing, pushing and pulling back....thrusting into his wife.... his dangling sack swinging violently between his flexing thighs. He considered the load of sperm that those black balls must carry. He shuddered at the thought of this man squeezing that trigger...pumping their contents into his wife's fertile vagina...draining them inside of her womb until the frothy excess dribbled from her impaled cunt, coating his chocolate cock with a pearly frosting. As he watched, the stranger's scrotum tightened...a sign that he was very close. Jessica showed no sign of objecting. "She would never hesitate to demand that I pull out," Kevin thought. But not now. Her lover laid her back down on the hood and held her trembling legs by the ankles, spreading them in a wide, vulgar V shape as he took his last shots. Jessica's tits were spinning in circles from the impact as he leaned over to suck on her prominent nipples, biting them and licking them feverishly. Finally, he rammed his cock all the way in, buried to the hilt, and plastered his cum all over the walls of her devastated vaginal vault. The gooey residue began oozing out of her slot well before he ever pulled out. Jessica's pussy clamped down on his dick in a final orgasmic spasm, effectively milking the remaining cum from his cock and prolonging his impressive erection. With that, the intruder pulled up his pants, sneered at Kevin and fled through the side door.
Kevin watched his wife slide down off the front of the car, her ass covered in sperm. Her legs could barely support her as she stumbled thru the door into the kitchen. She returned giggling, a pair of scissors in her hand to undo the twine that bound her husband.
"You really outdid yourself this time," she laughed as she cut the twine from Kevin's wrists and ankles. "I mean really."
"Did you enjoy it," Kevin asked, "you sure looked like you did."
"Enjoy it? I've never been fucked like that in my life, it was incredible. That must have cost you a lot to hire such a talented player."
"He wasn't cheap, but came well recommended," Kevin said.
Jessica looked down at Kevin's little cock which was still rock hard in spite of its diminutive size. "Are you going to take care of that, dear," she smirked. A few strokes later Kevin's small load hit the garage floor with a little spat.
"Good," Jessica said, "now let's go the bedroom. You still have to clean me up."

I won't lie this is one of my biggest fantacies i know my wife likes black cock through some emails long story but found some very interesting pictures. She has talked of being "taken before". I would love to come home to see her roleplaying it sometime. Watching them paw and grope at her as they took what they wanted from her. Shes so tight and innocent looking it drives me nuts.