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Impact on wife

Someone posted a comment earlier on the impact on the wife of her husband going down on her after she had been fucked by a black man. I cannot find the post which was part of a bigger post.

For me it was all about the pleasure of my wife. I care not for the pleasure of the black man :)

Though I get a vicarious thrill of knowing a black man has enjoyed my wife's body, fondled her full firm breasts, pushed open her silky thighs and enjoyed her hot tight pussy.

I went down on my wife when she came back from a 'date.' She had gone to tell her lover about 'our' latest discussions on her affair and that she was not only still 'available' but was now more available than her previous arrangement which had been a secretive Tuesday night only affair.

I did not know for certain she had been fucked at that meeting, though suspected so, and she had partially cleaned herself up.

At that time my wife did not fully understand that a husband could be aroused knowing that the woman he loved had just been fucked. It was in the first week of my knowledge of her affair and everything was ‘rocky.’

On the principle ‘I don’t always follow’ to try anything once I went down on her after that ‘date.’ Despite her initial reluctance for me to do it, her love of being licked came to the fore, and she very quickly became excited.

Later telling me with wide, wondrous, sexually satisfied eyes how she ‘could not believe’ I had just done that…

It was an endorsement of her affair, it was giving her pleasure, it was trying something new, it was giving her a green light simple words could not give.

However, it had a very clear and strong emotional impact on her that was long lasting.

After that she often came home ‘demanding’ my tongue clean her up. On one occasion she lay back on our bed and rang a 54yo African (22yo older than her) engaging in small talk and confirming to him ‘yes, my husband is licking me clean as we chat.’

While I have never been directly involved with a black man I spoke to enough white women in Zimbabwe to know the deep emotional impact of witnessing their husband submitting.
Kathy a lovely 25yo who was impregnated by her muscular African gardener told my wife how she had witnessed her husband submit. He had been ‘banned’ from their villa for six weeks as the gardener had told her husband ‘there must be no risk of any confusion over who the father is of Kathy’s next baby.’

When Mark arrived home six weeks later the gardener confronted Mark. He was not going to allow Mark back in. ‘you will never see your wife and children again if you don’t kneel at my feet and suck my cock.’ Kathy told Angela it was she was shocked, thrilled and fascinated when her husband kneeled and started sucking. After which there was no restraint on the African who knew absolutely he was in charge, as did Kathy…

And yes Kathy arranged for Angela to go to the gardener’s bed.