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I'm Real


Real Person
I have joined the ranks of being a single 43 yr old now divorced no kids that I know of white guy looking to join the ranks of being a cuckold. It's tough dating out there trying to find the right woman who is into the kink that you are, heck at this point maybe I should just join the ranks of a bi-sub it might just be easier to find a dom black man it seems with the way I'm going, and NO I have never been with another guy, I'm not a sissy nor do I wear female clothes and since joining today I'm not even sure if I could ever let a black guy take me oral/anally and there sure as heck also wont be any kissing, snuggling, no feet or ass kissing or licking. If your a single woman I hope you are semi-fit I like to hike and travel either way anyone that comes into my life has to be STD-HIV tested by my personal Dr. that might just have ruined it all! I'm just looking for a normal on the outside relationship with a kink of being a forced-bi cuckold to the right woman and black guy, race is not important in the woman but if she is a single black woman, your MY sex slave toy. A long term relationship is preferred.