I'm new to this.

Hey ya'll i'm a white guy who is obsessed with interracial sex. one of my exes in high school was taking a bbc from the football, basketball, and baseball star of the school and it got me going ever since. i want to chat with black guys or white girls about their sexual experiences and hear what yall got to say.


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I doubt if I can recall much of it - it's not something I enjoy recalling for fear of making it over-special. It was back home in my country. A white couple from Europe. Hubby and I were somewhat friend. One day he got drunk and spilled his secret about what he'd want for the Mrs., and if I was interested. Thought he was joking. We went back to his apartment. Turned out the wife was randy and waiting......
i'm glad its not just me. just the thought of it is exciting to me. i live in a town where only 3 or 4 girls have gone with bbc's. just so happened one of them is my ex. she told me about it and it got me turned on like no other.