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I want a white woman with a round ass!

length or girth ladies? I have both!

  • length

    Votes: 30 6.5%
  • girth

    Votes: 123 26.7%
  • both

    Votes: 327 70.9%

  • Total voters

Mr goodpipe

Real Person
Hello ladies! As u can see I have 9 1/2 inch thick BBC. I have a fetish for white women, married or not. I don't know if its the color contrast, their real hair(lol), or just the thought that they luv it because it's bigger than most men she's been with, I don't know. So if you've had BBC before or, not enjoy! And if you're in Ohio, you can inbox me

Bbc 9.jpg BBC 1.jpg Bbc 13.jpg Bbc 3.jpg View attachment 201205 Bbc 8.jpg


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