i got cuckolded last night!!!

So excited!! I finally got to live out my greatest sexual fantasy, defenitely making a lifestyle out of it...
I have a very good friend, Caroline. I've known since high school that she's been a black cock slut. I finally worked up the courage to tell her about my fantasies last week, and, well, we acted on it!
My fantasy was to be dressed like a girl, cuckolded, humilitated, and used.
I came to her apartment a few hours earlier to get ready for the big night. First, she gave me a lady razor and told me to go shave everything in the shower, and to use her shampoo so I had a nice feminine smell to me. She gave me a pair of panties, a bra, and stockings that I was to wear. She gave me a butt plug to put in. Then, she painted my nails, and it was almost time. The guy who was coming over was named Jon. She showed me a picture of his dick-- he was huge!!! As we waited for him to come over I got more and more excited, I kept on thinking about how I would finally suck a big black dick tonight, the butt plug was feeling amazing, oh, I was so ready.
The time finally came. He came into the house and we all chatted a little bit, and then Caroline told me to crawl on all fours to the fridge to get them some vodka.
It was on now.
I did so, came back, and they were making out. I poured the vodka and gave it to them. After a while of watching them, Caroline told me to take his pants off and that we would first suck his dick together. Jon smaked my ass as I took of his pants and called me a good little slut. My tiny little white dick had never been so hard! I pulled down his pants and his dick popped out in my face... it was like nothing that I could have ever imagined. I was now experiencing firsthand as to why girls should always choose black-- the cocks are just so much bigger! We started going down on him. It was so exciting. After a little while, he said he was about to cum, and Caroline moved out of the way, took out my butt plug, and started fingering me, all while Jon was pulling my head all the way down his dick, balls-deep. Didn't think it was possible for me to get that far. He exploded his hot cum into me and I swallowed every drop.
But the night was hardly over.
Jon started eating Caroline out and all I was permitted to do was watch. He was very good at handling her, and she came quickly. Then they started fucking. She went insane for him, and it was so hot! Once again, she came very quickly, and then Jon let out more of his seed into her. I knew what I was to do here. I cleaned her out, and for the second time tonight, I was tasting the hot cum of a black man. I always knew that I was a black cock slut deep down, but I never realized how much I loved being a little sissy.
We're doing this again tomorrow night, and she's inviting 3 or 4 guys, and says I might get fucked then! (on a sidenote, if anyone has done this, please give me some tips. I wish to serve the black bulls as well as I can.)
Pictured is Caroline and Jon.