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Is your husband so kinky, he takes you from being an innocent little angel to a cum-loving, cock craving slut??
It made me feel nervous. Butterflies swarmed my stomach when he asked the question.
I knew he was kinky and for some reason, loved hearing about my sexual past. Especially, the details.
We had been married for a few years by this time and even though he had heard my naughty secrets, it still felt awkward.
I was jerking him off nice and slow sitting with my legs crossed beside him when he asked about the idea.
We had planned a naughty night away but I never expected it to involve another man.
I could feel his cock get even harder in my hand as I asked what it would involve and he smiled so wide - he had it all planned...

And so he did arrange everything. The location, the man, my outfit ... every last detail to make it perfect.
I made my way down from the hotel room at 8pm as he asked.
My nude coloured platform heels clicked as I made my way through the foyer to the restaurant, conscious of how short and low cut my navy dress was. It didn't leave much to the imagination. My breasts were very exposed but sat naturally under the tight lace material. At his request, I wore no bra and no underwear and my thighs looked shiny and smooth under the slightly dimmed light of the bar as I made eye contact with my husband and crossed over to our table. The man he had met online introduced himself and assessed my figure from head to toe.
I was no model but he clearly approved. I had curves in the right places and my legs looked long and refined.

When he stood he was easily 6'3, maybe taller and had big hands and arms . Very athletic looking and very dark skinned .
Nothing like my husband. I sat down and tugged at the end of my dress to cover up as best I could but I was almost certain it was a pointless effort.
I felt apprehensive about the situation so the wine flowed and we got talking.
We divulged maybe more than usual on a first date but the tall dark stranger, who went by the name of Abel, enjoyed it.
He thought it was commendable, the trust and love we had for each other to participate in an event like this.
Particularly my husband, who was to find out soon enough the limits of his kinky fantasia.
After a few glasses, I became much more relaxed and flirtatious with Abel.
I had turned in my seat to face him, entranced by the cheeky twinkle in his eye, touching him playfully and imagining what surprises awaited.
I could feel myself getting more and more wet under my dress, I made my excuses to go powder my nose and escape the clear sexual tension around the dinner table.

When I returned, the boys stood and motioned to leave suggesting we take the evening back to the hotel rooms we had booked and occupied next to one another.
We had a connecting door which allowed us more room and freedom.
It wasn't freedom I was going to need.
In the elevator, Abel had decided to run his hand up my dress and briefly run a finger over my wet pussy and lean in for a quick taste of my lips.
My husband was so turned on he could not hide his hard on as we made our way along to the room.

The boys sat on the couch as I poured some more drinks and as I handed them over, Abel grabbed me and sat me on his lap facing my boyfriend.
He kissed me hard, passionately and with tongue and the first groans came from my husband who needed no invitation to pull out his penis and start stroking it.
He worked his way down my neck, which made me tingle and he easily untied the ribbon on my dress.
It slipped down over the front of my body revealing my breasts which Abel grabbed instantly and began sucking on my hardening nipples.
Electricity surged through my body from my fingertips to my toes and I could feel my pussy gushing.
I was being manhandled and as I glanced at my husband running his hand over his rigid cock I felt no guilt.
I wanted this to happen more than he did and so I spun, lifting Abel's head from my tits and kissed him hard and passionately, biting his lip with a look that demanded I be taken any and every which way he wanted. I was not to be disappointed.

He lifted with me with ease and placed me on the bed on my knees, shuffling off my dress in the process, acknowledging me as a very hot wife when he noticed my lack of underwear.
He leaned back as if to admire the busty curvy figure that kneeled in front of him still wearing heels.
He began to undo his belt and I pulled myself forward wrapping my legs around him as he stood at the edge of the bed.
I helped him undo his belt as he removed his shirt and I ran my hand over his bulging crotch.
There was something in there begging to be let out.
I unbuttoned his jeans and yanked them down when it hit me. It actually hit me. Springing out with such force, I couldn't believe my eyes!
All I could see was black. Thick, long, veiny black dick ... I could easily fit 3 hands around it and then some.
It was massive and I lubed up my hand with saliva and stroked and sucked on it.
My husband's jaw had hit the floor at the sight of this huge black cock in my hands.
I don't think he was expecting it but it made him even more turned on and he initiated a naughty, dirty commentary as the evening unfolded.

I looked up at Abel with innocent eyes as my mouth stretched around his black cock, sucking every inch I could before gasping for a breath.
He gestured me to lie down with my face under his cock and I began sucking his huge low swinging balls and stroking his big dick off as he complimented my body and rubbed my soaking wet pussy.
I could feel myself opening up, desperate to feel him inside me. I squirmed as his rubbing got quicker and I almost choked on his cock as he forced it into my throat.

Abel climbed on to the bed and reached over my body to lick my pussy upside down.
His hard cock pressed into my face and I did my best to stimulate him but I wriggled with pleasure as his lizard-like tongue lapped up the juices from my moistening lips.
He slipped a finger inside me briefly then smacked my thigh to move up on to the bed properly.
He kneeled between my legs, spreading them wide, feet in the air and slowly began to insert his huge throbbing monster inside me.
Even though I was so wet and horny, his cock stretched my cunt so much. It was so much thicker than anything I'd encountered.
My eyes popped as he filled me up, not even half in yet when he started pushing back and forth opening up my pussy with each thrust as he forced more inches inside me.

The sweat was dripping from my entire body as his cock buried into me. I moaned with pleasure and with discomfort as his enormous cock battered my cervix to a pulp.
I couldn't get enough. I screamed 'harder' and he obliged. Like a jackhammer, he pounded into me with speed and force.
My voice shook as I continued to orgasm through screams of astronomical intensity .
My pussy was gaping as Abel withdrew his cock and whispered for me to climb on top.
Slowly I lowered on to it, staring intensely at my husband as he himself approached climax at the sight of this gigantic black dick disappearing up my soaking pussy.
I lost count of the orgasms as I rode, ground against and bounced on his massive member.
My breasts bounced around as I slide up and down on Abel's huge manhood.
I described to my husband how huge Abel was. How his massive black weapon was so big, and how good it felt deep inside me.
He muttered dirty compliments as he rubbed, teased and sucked on my breasts reminding me of how hot and sexy I looked in my dress earlier.
He practically threw me off and demanded I get on all fours facing my husband before filling me with his cock from behind.
He was close to cumming and he wanted my boyfriend to watch my pussy being stretched and filled with thick black man spunk.
His cock now hammered into my pussy doggy style, I could feel myself being stretched apart with this huge black monster.
I screamed and begged for him to cum inside me.
Just as he moaned he was about to cum, he slipped a finger into my asshole so deep he could feel is cock through the wall inside and he exploded.
Thick creamy warm mess filled my pussy, dribbled out between my thighs with a few last shakes fired on to my ass.
My husband has made his way to the side of the bed and jerked his load onto my mouth and face for good measure. I slumped down exhausted to tired to wipe the cum off my eyes or even swallow the huge load my husband had produced after watching his horny little wife have her pussy owned by a huge black cock!
This will definitely be the start of something!