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There's nothing my husband loves more than to watch me being satisfied by another guy. He loves every moment of the build-up; knowing I've been texting the other guy all day, the unapologetic flirting, the filthy photo-swapping. He also, of course, loves being teased with photos, videos and screenshots of my adultery.

We had been looking for the perfect guy for me to play with for a while and when we came across Mark, I was instantly attracted to his good looks, charm and charisma. He is also a black man. We chatted for a while on cam while my husband sat at the other end of the sofa, rock hard from watching his wife engrossed in conversation with another guy. Our conversation soon turned to prior experiences and what we wanted from a meet-up. I said I wanted a cock bigger than my husband's (which isn't difficult) and I wanted him to fuck my tight, shaved pussy while my husband sits at home, unable to do anything about it. I wanted him to fill my tight, shaved pussy with his cum and stretch me open with his thick, throbbing cock. I wanted him to fuck me so hard that I would return home to my husband pink and sore. Mark was instantly hard by my horny and honest response and, by this point, my panties were dripping. We agreed to meet up as soon as we could to make this fantasy a reality.

Over the next couple of weeks Mark and I were texting each other almost every day, teasing each other at work with horny photo messages and videos. I loved getting Mark hard at his desk so that he had no choice other than to jerk off over my photos at work. He'd send me photos of all his cum and I'd feel my panties getting damp. I'd go home and show my husband how much I'd been sharing with Mark and how we were getting closer and closer by the day. I couldn't wait for the day we'd finally meet and I'd get to feel every inch of his thick cock slide into my tight, wet hole.

Finally we arranged to meet at a city centre bar. Mark had arrived in plenty of time and I noticed him through the window as I approached from the side. When we finally met, the chemistry was electrifying! It wasn't long before our hands started to wander and our eyes locked. We didn't care if people were staring. When he leant in and kissed me, it was so intense and I could feel my whole body wanting him right there and then! Our mouths seemed to be telling each other exactly what our bodies were aching for. I pulled back and bit his lip, looking him in the eye, my pussy pulsating and desperate to feel him inside me. I don't think I've ever felt that horny for a complete stranger... And I loved it!

I excused myself and went to the ladies to text my husband and let him know the good news. I informed him that Mark had got me really wet and I needed to be fucked by him right now. My husband couldn't have been happier at the thought of this total stranger satisfying his wife so gave me his blessing and told me to enjoy myself.

Mark drove us back to my hotel. On the journey there his hand was moving further and further up my thigh and I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. We walked through the hotel reception and I felt such a thrill checking us in; my wedding ring on full display and convinced the receptionist knew our naughty secret.

As soon as we were in the hotel room, Mark pushed me up against the wall. His hands were running all over my body and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. He worked his mouth down my body, pulling at my clothes with his teeth and slowly undressed me. As he buried his tongue in my dripping wet pussy, I let out a gasp of pleasure and ran my nails up the bare skin on his back. I wished my husband could see how much fun I was having and I couldn't wait to re-live every moment with him when I got home. Mark was so good with his tongue and my body was soon trembling with his touch. He pulled away, led me to the bed and told me to get on all-fours. I'm a good girl so I did as I was told and, behind me, I heard Mark unzip his jeans and pull out his huge cock, covered in precum. I looked over my shoulder and bit my lip. His cock looked so inviting, much bigger than my husband's, and I couldn't wait to feel it slide inside me. As I felt his hands grip my hips, I knew I was about to get the fucking I'd been waiting for. His wet cock eased in between my pink pussy lips and I heard him groan in pleasure as he realized how tight I was. His thrusts were smooth and strong and with each stroke I couldn't resist the urge to play with my swollen clit. After being teased all afternoon, I was soon on the edge of orgasm and I could feel my pussy begin to grip Mark's cock. As Mark thrust into me once more, I was sent over the edge; releasing myself onto him, pulling at the bedding and moaning in pleasure. It felt amazing to finally climax on his cock after so many weeks of texting! Mark then flipped me over onto my back and lowered his cock into my mouth. I teased his cum-covered balls and ran my tongue around the tip. He tasted so good! I was desperate to choke on his big cock so I asked him to fuck my face. I hung my head off the edge of the bed while he thrust himself against my throat again and again. I loved knowing that he was using every inch of my body for his pleasure whilst knowing that I had a husband at home waiting for me. I reminded him that I wanted him to shoot his load inside me so I'd return home filthy.He quickly obliged, spun me round and drove his cock deep into my sore pussy, fucking me hard until he groaned and shot his hot cum deep inside me. As he pulled himself out and looked down at my wet, cum-filled pussy, I couldn't help but think that I could not wait to get home to my husband so he could lick me clean.

I have took my wife to her bulls place dressed like a slut and sometimes naked. When we have been to a pool party at her bulls apartment complex the bathing suit she wore was next to nothing and did she turn heads. I would take her to the pool and she imeditly would go to her bull and kiss him while I stood there. He would run his hands all over her her white body. He had told me before that every body knew what we were there for. I would stay for a few minutes and then I would go home and wait for him to call me and say he was finished with my wife. Sometimes it was a few hours and other times it was the next day. He would call me sometime and tell me what he was doing to her and sometimes it was the friend that was fucking her her.
I almost always play without my husband. We work different shifts so that's very convenient but I keep no secrets from him. He loves when I tell him about being with another man
Well my wife goes to meet them alone all the time but she won't go into details about what she did. Her bull has told me many times that she is more nasty when I am not there