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Last weekend one of husband's friends from college came to stay with us for a couple of days. He is a hunky black guy and my husband knew I had the hots for him. The three of us had quite a few drinks and we fooled around a bit, but didn't have sex.

On Saturday we got home after having gone out to the bar. My husband had been teasing me all night about having sex with Michael and how he wouldn't mind. I said it wouldn't happen.

Michael said he tired and went to bed. My husband and I sat on the couch and he reached up my skirt and start rubbing my pussy. He lifted my skirt and started eating me out and then pulled his pants down. He lay down and I started sucking him. Then I felt someone lifting me up from behind by my hips. It was Michael, he pushed his big black cock into me from behind and started fucking me.

It was incredible having both of these guys at once. We had incredible sex the rest of the night. I woke up in the morning between both guys and we fucked again before Michael left.