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Hubby - what's your pleasure?

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    I used to think it would be hot to join in with a black man fucking my wife. After her first couple of times in bed with her black lover my wife told me that I didn't deserve to get near her body anymore. It was now reserved for his pleasure only. She said it made her cum so damn hard when he told her that her body was now his to use exclusively as he fucked her. After hearing how many orgasms he gave her and how soaked the bed was from her squirting and his cum dripping from her, I now accept that he should be te only one to get pleasure from her hot married body. .
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    My Wife's favorite word is "MORE"! ;)
    So she would definitely prefer having two pair of hands caressing her, two mouths sucking her nipples, two cocks to fuck, a mouth sucking and licking her clit while a cock filled her as well as any other configuration that could give her MORE pleasure! :D
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    Very sexy pictures
    Thank you very much