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Hubby enjoys watching (first part)


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Hubby Enjoys Watching

For the past month, Bruce Kinsley just could not concentrate much while looking at various production charts at work, for all he saw were images of his beautiful wife Kelli. Closing his eyes, Bruce told himself that the blame was all on himself at the fact that no longer was his beautiful wife a faithful one, after all it was he who could have stopped it from happening if only he had the balls to do it.
It had been a month ago when he and Kelli had managed to get the mortgage reprieve that prevented the bank from foreclosing on their very nice upper middle class home. With the bank having hired a private firm to inspect their house and to assess if they qualified for the mortgage reprieve, it was a man named Rufus Johnson of Apex Collections assigned to handle their home review. After having been complimented by the tall black man as to the well-kept yard and outside of their home, the big muscular man had then placed some forms down on the patio table and advised “Mr. Kinsley, got some forms that you’ll need to look over as to the terms if we’re to go the extension route, and then the signature at the end needs to be completed! In the meanwhile, I’ll have the lovely Mrs. Kinsley give me a personal tour of the inside!”

Bruce could still visualize the horrified look on Kelli's face, feel her hand clutching onto his shirtsleeve, heard her softly stammer out to him "I'm afraid to be alone with him inside the house, you go and show him around, I'll do the paper work!"
Bruce could still feel the chill going throughout his body at that instant, recalled how his head had slumped as he looked down at the grass while uttering out his reply to Kelli that "You heard him, he wants you to give him a tour of the inside of the house!"
Then more chills ran through his body upon hearing his wife stammer out "You can't be serious! Bruce you know what he really wants, you do, don't you? Tell me that you don't want me to go along with this absurd thing! Tell me!"
As he had remained silent while looking down at the ground, Kelli then had told him "My God, you're pathetic, you're actually willing to sacrifice me to that black bastard, let him have sex with me to keep the house from being foreclosed upon! You're more of a bastard than he is!"

"Shall we proceed with the tour of the inside of the house, Mrs. Kinsley?" they heard Mr. Johnson loudly inquiring of them.
Bruce looked up as his wife stepped towards their house and he could still vividly picture the look of disdain on her face as Kelli blinked back the tears while glaring at him in total disgust. He watched as Mr. Johnson opened the sliding door for her to enter, then it was being closed and the latch put down to lock the sliding door, in essence Bruce found himself being locked outside of his own home.
Staring towards the sliding door in awe, Bruce watched as his wife pointed out several things to Mr. Johnson, then it appeared as if Kelli's shoulders slumped some, her head drooping also as she looked down at the carpeting while turning to walk down the hallway. The last thing that Bruce observed was the large black hand being placed upon his wife's trim waist before she and Mr. Johnson disappeared down the hallway, where at the end was located their master bedroom! 'Oh, God, Kelli will never forgive me, basically sending her in there to have sex with him! But I doubt if she'll go through with it! No way will she be able to let the black bastard touch her!'

A shudder coursed through Kelli's body when the black bastard put his huge paw upon her left hip as she proceeded to lead the way on down the hallway. Kelli had desperately tried to stall the inevitable by pointing out highlights of the living room and then was about to go into the kitchen when Mr. Johnson advised her that “It’s the master bedroom that I’m most interested in, Mrs. Kinsley!”
Head and shoulders slumping in defeat upon hearing that, she turned towards the hallway to show the black bastard the master bedroom that she shared with her supposedly loving husband. 'Loving husband, what a laugh! So loving that he's willing to have me sleep with this devious black bastard in order to keep from have the house being foreclosed upon!' Kelli fumed.
Then her eyes sprung wide open in horror upon realizing that 'Oh, this is the worst time of the month for me! I can't have sex with him,not without a condom, he'll get me pregnant!' she shuddered.

Upon entering the master bedroom, Kelli fidgeted but did not turn to face the black bastard behind of her, shuddering in fear upon hearing the door shutting and the latch turned to lock it. Kelli shuddered once again upon hearing the bastard by advising that “It sure is warm in here, isn’t it, Mrs. Kinsley? Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you took your jacket off?”
Kelli nervously reached up to the front of her teal colored jacket, then slowly peeled off the garment and laid it upon the bed. Even though the floor was heavily carpeted, the approaching steps sounded like thunder and then she could sense the big black bastard immediately behind of her trembling body, then Kelli could feel his hot breath upon her, sucking in her breath as the bastard began to nuzzle at her neck. Shutting her eyes tightly while clenching her fists to force herself to keep from running away, Kelli felt the bottom of her teal blouse being pulled out from her jeans, then course hands were upon her bare skin and sliding right up under the front of her blouse. Kelli began to shake and tremble as the bastard began licking at her earlobe as his rough hands cupped her bra encased breasts, then she shuddered in revulsion upon hearing the bastard whisper “Ya’ve got some real nice titties, Mrs. Kinsley!” The bastard used his thumbs and forefingers pinched and pulled her nipples through the thin flimsy bra.

Continuing to shudder in shame, she felt her lacy white bra being pushed up over her breast, followed by thick calloused fingers playing with her now budding nipples. Shaking her head, unable to go through with it, Kelli panted out “Oh please! Oh, God, please! I can’t!”
Feeling the wet licking of her earlobe, she then heard him whisper “Think of this beautiful house, Mrs. Kinsley! Think of how ya’ll be saving it all!”
Seconds later her teal top was covering her face as the bastard was pulling the garment up over her head before being tossed aside. Her lacy bra was next, being unhooked at the back and then the straps were being pushed over her shoulders, allowing the now useless garment to fall to the carpet before her feet. Those calloused hands were once again cupping her breasts, fingers pinching and pulling at her pink nipples and then thick thumbs were flicking at the pointed buds. Now the shuddering of her body turned to shivering from the unwanted pleasure being created by the bastard's thumbing of her sensitive nipples.
Thick fingers were undoing the button at the front of her jeans, then the garment was being pushed over her trim hips and allowed to fall to her ankles. "Kick'em off, sweetie!" she was then told.
Using the front of her left shoe, stepping onto the back of the right side, Kelli kicked off that flat. Toes of her right foot at the back of her left shoe, she slipped her foot out of that shoe and kicked it aside, then she proceeded to obey the order to step out of her jeans. Seconds later, Kelli was told to kick off the pair of panties that had been pushed off her trim hips and now lay at her feet. After being pushed down onto the king-sized bed, Kelli stared up at the ceiling of the master bedroom and began to take in every detail of it. She was absolutely determined to just lay there and show no emotion whatsoever, but Kelli felt the bastard's weight upon the bed and then him moving upon it. Kelli shuddered when a thick flesh object was tickling at her neck, moving up to her chin, and then it was pressing down upon her lips.
Shuddering in revulsion as she realized that this black bastard's filthy cock was the very first to enter her mouth, her womanly instinct had the tip of her tongue pushing up against it, into the flaring tip, causing the fat cockhead flare its flanges wide in her watering mouth. With her now sucking upon her first cock for the very first time in her life, Kelli realized just what her sorority sister's had talked and laughed about as to the meaning of the number '69'! "Mmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffffffffffff! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmfffffffff!" came her muffled groans as her mouth was now bloated full of dark man meat, and to her horror Mr. Johnson began to face fuck her as she lay upon her marital bed.
Rufus observed a shadow on the wall, an outline of figure showing through the drawn drapes. Rufus was no genius but it was quite apparent to him that hubby boy was the one easing his way next to the bedroom window. Glancing up at the window area, Rufus smiled in seeing the shadow of the young hubby as he listened and tried to get a view into the master bedroom.
Figuring that it was rather difficult for the young punk to see in due to the sunlight and drapes, Rufus then thought he’d clue the punk in as to what his beautiful wife was doing by taunting out loudly “Oh, Mrs. Kinsley, sweetie, suck on it, ya like doing, huh!”
"Oh, yeah, yeah suck it, sweetie use that talented tongue of yers!"
Rufus panted out for the punk to hear. Then came a perfectly timed “Grrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!” from the sputtering beauty as he fucked his cock into her reluctant mouth, something that Rufus got a feeling that the beautiful bitch had never done before.

Leaning against the outside of the house and bending forward to try and peer into the master bedroom, Bruce Kinsley squinted his eyes to see into the bedroom, but the combination of the sun on the thin drapes made it difficult to get much of the bed much less of a view of the entwined couple lying upon it. Upon hearing Mr. Johnson's voice coming from the window that had been left open freshen the air in the bedroom, Bruce didn't have to be told any more as to what was taking place on the very bed that he shared every night with his beautiful wife. 'I don't believe it, I had to have imagined hearing that, Kelli couldn't have, wouldn't have done such a foul thing!' Kelli was mouthing the bastard's filthy black cock, an experience that Bruce himself had been totally denied to date. 'Kelli's always refused to go down on me, always cringing and saying that 'That's such a filthy thing to do!' and begin to fist me to make me cum quickly and get it over with!' Bruce fumed.

Ear pressed up against the screen, his heart thumping wildly in his chest, Bruce made out some slurping as well as some gurgling sounds. From the sounds of what he was hearing, the gurgling were obviously from Kelli gagging on the filthy black cock in her mouth. Suddenly there seemed to be a tussle going on upon the bed as it created some thumping against the bedroom wall, then he heard Mr. Johnson gloating "Fuck, Mrs. Kinsley, damn that's good! Oh, sweetie keep on sucking oh, yeah that's it, jist like that!"

More gurgling could be heard coming from the room, then he heard a groan uttered by Mr. Johnson followed by his commenting "Oh, sweetie oh, damn you're one talented little cocksucker, Mrs. Kinsley! Oh, yeah suck it, keep sucking oh, shit gonna cum oh, ah!"
Hearing an exhausted Mr. Johnson panting for breath, groaning out "Oh, damn!", then it was followed by "Swallow it, Mrs. Kinsley swallow it all! Don't waste any of it! Yeah that's a good girl, down it all!"
Outside, Bruce wondered if Kelli felt sick to her stomach from having done the unthinkable, thought that she must indeed feel nauseated at the very least, for he certainly felt his own stomach knotting up, cringing as he thought 'She went and swallow all that gunk, and didn't throw it up, not even choking on it, she went and swallowed all that filth!'

Recovering from the fantastic blowjob from the innocent young wife, Rufus got out of bed and loudly announced “Jezz, it’s hot in here! Let’s open up some windows to git some air in here!”
With hubby moving up against the side wall to keep out of sight, Rufus then opened the drapes wide and followed up with opening the windows nearby so that the punk could get to see his beautiful wife getting blackened real good! Turning back to the bed, feeling the punk’s eyes on him through the window, Rufus was determined to give the whiteboy some pointers on how to give his beautiful wife a good fucking. Lifting up the beauty’s trim white legs, he then placed the back of her ankles atop of his shoulders, that way the punk would get to see his thick foot-long dong sliding up his wife’s tight little cunny, for Rufus now determined to get his cock fully up into the beautiful little bitch.
Back flat against the wall of the house, Bruce sucked in his breath and prayed that the bastard would not be spotted there, not realizing that he had been observed way earlier and that the bastard had opened the drapes so he could indeed get a nice view into the bedroom. Peering into the bedroom, he observed Mr. Johnson stroking at this boner to get it up to its prime state, then Bruce saw the frightened face of his wife as Kelli stammered out "You need to wear a condom, I can't let you without one, or you'll get me pregnant!"
"Ain't got one on me, sweetie!" his wife was told.
Then Bruce saw his wife frantically scramble over to his nightstand drawer, could even hear her gasp when she reached in to find the box empty. Pulled back to the center of the bed by the ankles, Bruce saw his wife become frightened and panicky when Mr. Johnson placed his swollen cockhead up against her too tight little slit, causing her to plead “Please, not without one! No it's too big! No, Mr. Johnson no, it won’t fit! It’s too big! Aie, oh!”

Bruce swallowed deeply upon hearing Mr. Johnson laugh out while taunting “Damn, yer so fuck’n tight, Mrs. Kinsley! Shit, yer punk whiteboy must sure have a tiny little pecker, huh!”
And then began the headboard loudly thumping against the bedroom wall, obviously coinciding with each and every thrust of his big black cock up into Kelli's tight twat. Bruce's jaw dropped upon hearing Kelli's voice crying out “Oh so good, so good, oh, so good”
With the thumping of the headboard getting louder and now more frequent, it was obvious to Bruce that his beautiful wife was getting fucked in a manner that he had never gotten himself revved up to.
And then he heard Kelli screaming out that “I’m going to cum, cumminggggg!”
Now the banging against the wall got even faster and louder, and apparently his wife came to her senses in realizing the horrid consequences of such an illicit mating as she cried out “No, not in me! No, please Mr. Johnson, not in me, don't, you’ll get me pregnant!”

Seconds later, Bruce heard his wife sob out “Oh, NO!”
And then he heard Mr. Johnson let out a loud moan, more groaning, followed by him gloating out loudly that "Holy shitttttttt, I's ain't ever cum like that before! Damn, must have shot off a whole pint of cum up that tight little pussy of yers! Jeez, lookit all that stuff oozing out that hot little twat of yers! That purty belly of yers gonna be swelling up with my little black bastard in a few months, cause lemme tell ya, I's don't shoot out no fucking blanks! But my little kiddie's gonna have a nice place to grow up in, cause I's gonna see that this beautiful house of yers don't git foreclosed upon! And I's gonna be coming over every third Friday night of the month so ya can give me the monthly payment, meaning the monthly mortgage and yer purty little ass fer the next month's deposit!"
Having just heard that exchange coming from Kelli and his master bedroom, Bruce shuddered at the thought of his beautiful wife getting 'knocked up' by the black bastard!

"Oh!" came the groan from Mr. Johnson, a loud 'pop' along with a simultaneous "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" from his wife, that Bruce heard coming from the bedroom.
Peering back in, he observed that the couple's uncoupling, with the withdrawal of Mr. Johnson's thick 12" boner out of his wife's way too tight twat had been the cause for all that groaning and loud popping sound. Face pressed to the screen, Bruce saw Mr. Johnson easing back out from between Kelli's widespread legs, then the huge black hands were pushing Kelli's sexy legs up till her feet were flat on the mattress, followed with his wife's knees being pushed wide apart. He watched as the black bastard place a large hand on Kelli's belly, saw Mr. Johnson pressing down some, then saw Mr. Johnson turn towards the window with a wide smirking grin on his face before gesturing with his finger pointing -------first at the thick flow of thick cum oozing out of Kelli's overflowing slit, then at himself, for it was Mr. Johnson's obviously using hand signals to tell Bruce 'Look at your beautiful wife's well-fucked slit, cause that my black man cum, my black man cum oozing out of your wife's cunt!'
'Oh, fuck, he spotted me watching out here!' Bruce shuddered.

Lying upon her bed with her eyes closed while in a fucked out stupor, Kelli's breathing was shallow as she tried to recuperate from what had to be the best fucking ever in her life, though an unwanted one. Unaware and uncaring as to why Mr. Johnson had moved her legs up and widespread, Kelli shivered as the large hand began caressing her left inner thigh while slowly making its way down to her golden fleece, then lower till Mr. Johnson's thick middle finger delved into her slimy slit to seemingly try to pump out even more of the thick semen that he had ejaculated far up into her fertile womb.
Kelli sucked in her breath as Mr. Johnson diddled with her pussy, using his finger as a dip stick to measure the quantity and thickness of the cum in her, then the bastard began finger fucking her and causing a flow of gooey cum out of her cunt. Toes curling as Kelli pushed her feet down into the mattress, she shut her eyes tightly as well as for clenching her teeth together, she withered about the bed to keep even more of the gooey filth from soiling the bed but she could help but to moan.
Kelli sucked in her breath as she felt Mr. Johnson's face nuzzling up her thigh, over her hip, then felt his wet tongue in her belly button. "Oh Mr. Johnson!"
Kelli grimaced from the unwanted pleasure being derived from the suckling upon her left breast and teasing of her budding pink nipple. Kelli gasped as Mr. Johnson was now nuzzling at her neck, nibbling upon her earlobe, then she heard him whispering in her ear "It was good for you, wasn't it? But you're upset that you liked it! And you're pissed at your husband, aren't you?"
"Yes and yes I'm so pissed at him!" she whispered back in response to his quizzing.
"You want to git back at him, don't ya? Make him pay fer sacrificing you to save his ass on the mortgage, don't ya?" she was asked.
"Yes, I'm going to make him pay!" she hissed out.
"And ya could make him pay, beginning right now!" Kelli heard Mr. Johnson whisper into her ear.
"How how do I do that?" she responded.
Mr. Johnson then spoke softly, telling her "Don't turn your head, just move your eyes, cause yer louse of a hubby is watching from the corner of the window! He's been hiding there from before I opened up the drapes, cause I saw his shadow moving before that! And yes, he watched us fuck the entire time!"

Eyes glued to the corner of the window, Kelli was fuming mad with her heart thumping wildly in her chest, but it didn't take her very long to initiate her get-even plan. "Oh, Mr. Johnson, that was so fantastic, the best fucking ever! I just wish that my husband was half as good as you are in bed!" she said loud enough for anyone listening by the open window to hear her.
Reaching down to grasp Mr. Johnson's still thick but rather limp penis in her hand, Kelli gave it a couple of pumps and felt it throb and expand in her closed fist, which caused her to gasp out and ask "Can you get it up again, so soon?"
"Yeah, sweetie, no problem!" she was loudly told in response to her question.
"Oh, my gosh! I've never been fucked twice in a row so quickly! My husband is always too petered up to go for a second round, and always goes to sleep on me!" she panted out loudly.
"Oh, my it's getting so big again! Oh, my goodness my husband could use some lesson from you! Oh, yes Mr. Johnson, please give it to me again, I beg you, fuck me again with that big black cock of yours!" she pleaded.

Both eyes and mouth wide open, Bruce was totally stunned at the turn of events, never anticipating that his once faithful wife could have enjoyed getting fucked by another man and now actually begging him to fuck her again. Bruce couldn't believe what he was seeing taking place right upon the marital bed that he shared with Kelli, watched as she spread her legs high and wide in the air, all while shucking at Mr. Johnson's big tool and pulling him down to her. Then Bruce heard his wife exclaim "Oh, God it's so big, so much bigger than my husband's, and so much better! Oh, God yes oh, yes fuck me, Mr. Johnson fuck me good!"
Bruce watched as inch by inch of the thick black cock disappear down into his beautiful wife, then watched as Kelli's widespread legs close and encircle her black lover, her heels on his asscheeks to pull him all the way into her love nest, causing his once faithful wife to squeal "Oh, yes, so good!"

Rufus just loved the way the beautiful young wife was getting her revenge on that wimp-ass punk she had married, knew for one that she was doing it as she was pissed with her husband but also because she was really wanting a good fucking from him once again. And from the way the bitch's hot little twat was snapping up at him, Rufus knew that he was gonna be in for one sweet ride, and with the way her cunny was squeezing tightly with 6' of his cock embedded he groaned out "Oh, baby, squeeze that pussy oh, yeah squeeze it, ya hot little bitch!"
Her hands grasping him by the shoulders now, her fingernails digging into him certainly told him that she was in bad need of a good fucking, as evidence by her screaming out "Oh, fuck me, fuck that big black cock in me, all the way in me! "Oh, God yes!"

Bruce watched in awe as the entwined couple made such a fantastic contrast of black and white upon the king-sized bed in the master bedroom, could not believe that such a frenzied mating could have evolved, but they were going at it like a pair of rabbits. Already in a state of shock, but Bruce was sent to an even deeper level upon hearing his wife pant out "Fuck me, Mr. Johnson don't stop, don't ever stop fucking me! Oh, so good, so very good, shoot your nasty cum in me, fill me up with your hot cum, fuck your black baby in me, knock me up with your little black bastard!"
"You want me to knock ya up? Ya actually want me to knock ya up, bitch?" he heard Mr. Johnson ask of his wife.
Bruce was stunned upon hearing his wife's reply as she panted out "Yes knock me up with your little black bastard! And I hope it's a boy, cause I'm going to name him Brucie Rufus Kinsley! And that useless husband of mine is going to be the one getting up in the wee mornings to feed the little bastard!"

Seconds later, Bruce heard Mr. Johnson's loud groan "Ah, Mrs. Kinsley, ya hot little bitch, I'm there, I's cumming, cumming in ya hot little twat, gonna knock ya up good, ya bitch! Oh, shit!"
Then his wife screamed out "God, yes, so good, so damn good! I'm there, I'm there too! Yes oh, yes so good, so much of it, it's so hot, shoot it all in me, fuck your little black bastard up in me!"
Finally the fuck session had come to an end, but on the king-sized bed lay his wife with Mr. Johnson still on and in her, and Kelli apparently didn't want him to get off and out of her, as evidenced by her arms wrapped tightly around Mr. Johnson's neck and her legs being wrapped around his black ass while having locked her ankles together to keep from him breaking the bond, in essence keeping all of the thick baby batter clogged up in her fertile womb and thus giving her a better chance of getting knocked up by the black bastard.


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rest of story

Some fifteen minutes later, Bruce peered back into the bedroom from his outside hiding spot, having left to go back and fill out the paperwork that Mr. Johnson had given him to complete. The only thing that had changed, since he had departed the scene, was that his wife's legs were no longer tied around Mr. Johnson's black ass and currently lying on the bed off to the sides. It appeared to Bruce that the two lovers had fallen asleep after that wild fuck session and were now only coming out of their fucked out stupor. Finally his wife's embracing of the man with her arms were broken apart and Bruce watched as the man who had just fucked his wife for a second time was laying beside Kelli with his wet sticky curled up on his black thigh. With Mr. Johnson sitting up on the edge of the bed, Bruce heard him tell Kelli that "Damn, Mrs. Kinsley yer so fucking fantastic! But unfortunately I've gotta git going, I've got a meeting scheduled!"
Hearing that, Bruce turned and was about to head back to the patio and wait for them to come back out, but he then heard his wife's voice say "WAIT, Mr. Johnson, let me thank you properly before you go!"

Having heard that, Bruce stopped right there in his tracks, frozen to the spot. And then Bruce heard a loud groan from a male panting out "Oh, damn ah, Mrs. Kinsley, that feels so fucking good!"
Rushing back to his spot on the outside of his home, Bruce peered back into the master bedroom, then observed his naked wife on her knees and fisting the black bastard with the head of his bloated cock aimed right at her beautiful face. What Bruce heard next put him in total shock as he heard Kelli ask Mr. Johnson "How can I best thank you, Mr. Johnson for giving me the best fucking I've ever had! Tell me, I want to make you happy, what would you enjoy most, cumming in my mouth again or would you like to cum all over my face?"
"Damn, sweetie ya want me to cum all over yer beautiful face?" Bruce heard his wife being asked.
"Only if you want to, if it'll make you happy!" his wife responded.
"Oh, sweetie it'll be my pleasure! Use yer talented tongue first, flick it all over my head, in my pisshole, ahhhhhhh, yeah!" the big man wheezed.

'All this time! After all these years of dating and being married, Kelli would never let me get my cock near to her face! And now she's already sucked him off and swallowed all of the bastard's slimy cum! Oh, God, she's really a fucking little slut, a filthy whore, she's kneeling before the black bastard, shucking his cock and flicking her tongue all over the filthy cockhead!' Bruce shuddered in disgust at the sight, but he could not peel his face from the screen nor could he resist the urge to undo the front of his pants and pull out his aching boner. 'Shit and it was even her suggestion, asking if he wanted to cum in her mouth, or blast all his sticky cum all over her face God, what a fucking little slut, the way she's going at it, she's really wanting him to blow it all over her face!' he cringed.

His eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, Bruce was in total awe as his beautiful wife's pointed tongue flicked wildly and quickly over the bloated cockhead, as if she was wanting it to spurt its pent up load. Kelli had her right hand grasping at the thick boner, shucking at it madly, then her left hand was rising up to grasp and cradle Mr. Johnson's walnut-sized testicles, fondling them as if she was about to roll a pair of dice. Then he saw Mr. Johnson's had at the back of Kelli's head to pull her closer, causing the bloated cockhead to bump against her chin and the trace its way up to her forehead, at which point Kelli was licking at the testicles that she was cradling in her other hand. Hand at the back of her slowly easing up, so now Kelli was back to flicking her tongue rapidly over the bloated cockhead once again, then she was pulled closer once again to repeat the cycle as the cockhead rose up against her beautiful features. "Oh, damn yer one hot little cocksucker, Mrs. Kinsley! Damn, I's gonna luv cumming all over that beautiful face of yers!"

With his wife rolling Mr. Johnson's nuts in her hand, bloated cockhead up against her chin and about to slide up her face, a stream of sticky cum then shot up the entire length of the right side of her face and into her silky blond hair, and with Kelli flinching it caused the next spurted to go up the left side of her face and into her hair. Bruce watched as his wife grasped the jerking and spurting shaft tightly while guiding it all about her face, leaving thick slimy blobs of cum all about her facial features.
Finally Mr. Johnson finally spent, cock no longer spurting but just oozing its last lustful remnants, Bruce watched as his wife proceed to use the still throbbing cock like a paint brush to spread out his thick white spend all over her beautiful face. Finally, with her face completed painted with Mr. Johnson's sticky cum, Bruce observed his wife enveloping the swollen cockhead with her lips to cause the big man to groan out "Oh, damn oh, God oh, shit oh, yeah so good so fuck'n good!"
Cock depleted and out of her mouth, Bruce watched as his wife brought up both her hands to rub the filthy mucous all about her face, then lowered her cum covered hands to rub the slick lotion about her breasts.
Having handed the paperwork over to Mr. Johnson when came out of the bedroom dressed and ready to go, Bruce swallowed as his beautiful wife appeared from the bedroom wearing the dress shirt he had hung up in the closet earlier that day. The sleeves were rolled up to the elbows and Kerri was wearing no pants, essentially allowing the tails of the dress shirt to cover the rest of her body.
With his wife coming towards them, Bruce saw her smile and perk up to happily tell him that "Honey, Mr. Johnson has assured me that the extension on our mortgage will surely be approved as he'll be putting a good word in for us with the mortgage company!"
Then his wife slipped her arm into Mr. Johnson's as she advised "I'll show Mr. Johnson out! About Friday the 18th, why don't you come for dinner say 6 p.m.? Bruce loves to grill so I'll have him put some steaks on for all of us!"
Bruce swallowed deeply, knowing that the black bastard would sate his lust on Kelli sexy body in exchange for his continued approval of the mortgage extension every third Friday of the month, but now his wife was even having him cook dinner for the bastard before he took her into their marital bed for sex. It was quite obvious to him that Kelli was pissed with him and now rubbing his face in it, inviting the bastard over for dinner and having him cook steaks, then she would have go and have sex with the bastard in their bed.

This was totally not what Bruce had anticipated with the approach of the third Friday of the month, the night when Mr. Johnson would be paying them his monthly visitation. Instead of his wife getting more and more depressed as the day approached as he had thought would happen, it was the opposite as Kelli seemed to be getting more excited, picking out a nice yellow dress while holding it up before him and saying "This looks perfect for Friday night! I think Mr. Johnson will approve, don't you?"
Being asked that, Bruce could nod a 'yes' while swallowing deeply. With his wife humming a tune, he watched as Kelli went through her underwear drawer to select a sexy pair of lacy yellow panties and bra. Next he watched as Kelli went to the walk-in closet to come back out with a pair of 3" white heels to go with the dress. Bruce felt his stomach turn when Kelli placed a new set of sheets and pillow cases out on Thursday night before telling him "Can you help me strip the bed in the morning, honey! I'll put the new sheets on then so it won't be a rush when we get home in the afternoon!"
'My God, she's even putting on new sheets for the bastard!' he shuddered.

Kelli was indeed pissed at her fucking husband for thinking so cheaply of their marital vows, his willingness for her to go to bed with Mr. Johnson in order to prevent the foreclosure process from taking place. 'And the damn bastard watched it all sneaking around the house so he watch me getting fucked in our bedroom! I'm going to make the damn bastard pay for that!' she fumed. Determined to make her husband pay, Kelli decided that the best way to get retribution would be to act as happy as she could be, like having had sex with the black mortgage collector was really no big deal to her and that she was now actually fine with it. Still Kelli could not deny the fact that 'I have to admit it that was the best sex I've ever had in my life just fantastic! And doing those degrading things, letting him put his big black cock in my mouth, and then to let him cum all over my face so filthy, so degrading but then so thrilling!'
Then Kelli realized that 'I wanted Bruce to see all of it especially in letting Mr. Johnson ejaculate his slimy semen all over my face!' She then had to ask herself "Was I pretending to enjoy it all to get back at Bruce or was I really wanting to be degraded by that black bastard because I actually liked how turned on it got me how I liked being soiled in such a shameful manner with Bruce watching it all!'

That Friday afternoon, as soon as her husband walked in the door, Kelli advised him that "I took off an hour early to give me time to make the house presentable and I picked up some fresh steaks on the way home!"
She then asked him "Did you remember to pick up more charcoal on the way home? You had said you were running low the last time you set up the grill!"
With her husband about to pour himself a drink, Kelli called to him "Honey, can you season the steaks for me? I'm running a bit late and need to take a shower and dress before Mr. Johnson gets here!"
And when her husband arrived into the kitchen, Kelli gave him a peck on the cheek telling him "Thanks, honey! Let's plan on having dinner at 6:30 so you'll need to figure what time to get the fire started!"
Under the spray of the hot shower, Kelli wondered as to how she could make the evening more enjoyable for herself which meant finding more ways in which torment her louse of a husband! Her pans included, having him see Mr. Johnson and her kissing in the kitchen while Bruce is outside grilling the steaks, then planning on leaving the doors to the master bedroom wide open that night, followed by having her husband bring them some drinks and letting him seeing her naked in bed with Mr. Johnson.

Just about done cleaning up and in the kitchen, Bruce wiped his hands to pick up his cell phone that had begun ringing. Looking at the phone, Bruce saw that it was his wife calling from her cell, thus he answered 'Yes, honey!"
"Can you be a sweetie and bring me a glass of white wine and a scotch on the rocks for Mr. Johnson!" he was asked by his wife.
"Sure, honey! Be right there with the drinks!" Bruce advised while trying to keep his voice from shaking.
A moment later, Bruce nervously walked down the hallway of his home with a glass of white wine in one hand and a scotch on the rocks in the other. Entering the master bedroom, of which the double doors had been left wide open, Bruce swallowed upon seeing beautiful wife naked while sitting up with her back against a pillow between the backboard. His beautiful wife then reached up with her left hand for her glass of wine and told him to set Mr. Johnson's drink down on the nightstand, licking her glossy lips before taking a sip of wine, but there still remained a pearly white drop near her chin. His wife's right hand was down by her tummy, stroking at Mr. Johnson's kinky hair as slurping could be heard where the black bastard was lapping at Kelli's snatch. Just then their guest for the evening came up from between his wife's legs to tell him "Thanks for the drink, Bruce! It'll be perfect once I finish having this delicious dessert yer purty wife is serving up!"

It was now Tuesday and Bruce couldn't get over the events of that past Friday night, having to grill the steaks and make like it was just a normal dinner, then having to wash the dirty dishes while Kelli entertained Mr. Johnson in the master bedroom. 'Then called by his wife to bring her a glass of wine and a drink for Mr. Johnson! She wanted me to see them like that .....................naked in our bed, cum on lips and chin, with Mr. Johnson going down on her!' he shuddered. Bringing in more drinks after being summoned a third time that night, he was then advised by his wife that "Mr. Johnson doesn't need to be anywhere else tonight, honey, so I've invited him to stay the night! The bed in the spare room has a light blanket on it and there's a heavier one in the closet in case it gets cold!"
When he had locked up and was getting the blanket from the closet in the spare bedroom, an agonizing screech came from the master bedroom, causing Bruce to rush there, getting to see his beautiful wife on all fours in the middle of the bed with Mr. Johnson kneeling behind of her and trying to work his big black cock up in his wife's never before entered ass.
"Goddd, eeiiiiiahhhhhhh, oh my Goddd!" he heard Kelli cry out as the black shaft went and disappeared up into her ass, causing his wife to fall forward upon the bed with Mr. Johnson thrusting once more to bury his long dong up into her once virgin butt.
Everything was still so vivid in his mind, all the details and events of that evening and the next morning when he came out into the kitchen to see his beautiful wife wrapped up in her white bathrobe while serving Mr. Johnson some bacon and eggs. Sitting there at his desk at work, having just hung up the cell phone after getting a call from Kerri, Bruce could not believe what his wife had informed him of. As he played the conversation back in his mind, Kerri had sounded so excited when she told him "There's an opening that come up in the supervisory ranks! And you know what I've always told you about Mr. Kirks! I was thinking that it'll really help our financial situation out if I can get that promotion and raise that goes with it! So I was thinking that I might get the inside track by inviting Mr. Kirks over for dinner this Friday! Would you be a dear and have the grill set up again, you had the steaks done perfectly last week! I think Mr. Kirks will get a big thrill out of it, something surely different from anything he's had before, being entertained in another man's bedroom, with the husband serving him drinks while being entertained by the man's wife right in the bed that they share together! That should sure seal the deal!"

His wife had wanted to quit her job from over a year ago, when Kelli had learned that it was like a casting couch at where she worked, having to sleep her way up the ladder if she wanted to get ahead. His wife had been forced to keep her rather low paying job due to the poor economy and lack of other prospects, passing on any of the openings that would require her putting out for Mr. Kirks.

From what his wife had told him, Mr. Kirks was the owner of the company, a black man in his fifties and with his out for attractive white females looking to get ahead. When one such opening had come up some four months ago, Kelli had relayed to him that Mr. Kirks had come up to her, telling "You should put in an application for the opening, Mrs. Kinsley! From 'what I'm seeing', you're more than qualified for the job!"

There was no way she could claim sexual harassment with that comment for it'd be easy for the bastard to say that it was simply misconstrued, but both he and Kelli knew that Mr. Kirks had the hots for her, in essence offering her the position if she went to bed with him. Picking up his cell phone, calling his wife's number, and upon hearing her voice he asked "Honey, find out what Mr. Kirks drinks so I can have it on hand Friday night!" Not wanting to miss out on any of the action that coming Friday, he planned on stopping off at the YouSpy outlet and pick up a mini-camcorder that would transmit all the happenings from the master bedroom to his home office computer.