How with mums help I cuckolded hubby

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    My name is Chloe, I am married but married to a small dicked whimp. When we got married I was pretty naпve in the ways of sex, and we never indulged until we were married. The first night in bed he wanted the lights out, well we fumbled around for a bit then he put is little dick in me. I thought it would hurt but I could hardly feel it and said to him are you in. The next thing he cum and that was the end of that. This went on like this for about a year or so. We lived with my mother who was divorced. My mother was a tall good looking woman who was always dressed smartly with well cut dresses or suits, always with a firm corset or other foundation garment and seamed stockings with high heels. I never remember seeing her without her stockings and heels. She was always having little odd jobs done about the house by this local handyman and his son. I should mention that this guy was black. As of course was his son. I came home from work early one afternoon and heard some strange noises from her kitchen. The door was slightly ajar and I looked in. Imagine my surprise when I saw mum in just her corsets stockings and heels bent over the kitchen table with the older black guy fucking her from behind while she was sucking off the son. What really amazed me was the size of their cocks. They were enormous compared to my hubby's. they must have been at least 10 inches. Well after seeing what cocks should be like I realised that my hubby would never be able to satisfy me. I should mention that I had taught him to satisfy me with his tongue, and I would wank his little 4inch dick in return, however I really craved cock. This went on like this for about a year or so and somehow his dick seemed to be getting smaller and he was not always wanting to have a wank. So now not only did I have a tiny dicked hubby but he could not rise to the occasion for a wank so I did not get a tonguing.
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    This is similar to my own experiences with a girlfriend who cucked me for about seven years.
    I dont know really where to start so I shall make it brief....
    My ex's grandmother was a cuckoldress, so was my g/friends mother, and in their family it was not really a secret that these 3 generations of the same family cucked their men.
    I also know for a fact that her grandfather did not have sex with his wife at all, she was getting it elsewhere! A church woman too!!!
    My g/friends mother eventually left her father to live with her lover, as did my girl leave me.
    Her mother also knew to my embaressment that my g/friend cucked me too, and so did her two sisters-that used to excite me quite a bit, her sisters looking me in the eye, knowing our kink!!!. It made for some uncomfortable family get- togethers, thats for sure !
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    You don't carry on the story of you getting the BBC to fuck you x
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    This story feels it came too quick, like her hubby, and left us readers unsatisfied. :(
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    For us cucks there is nothingmore humiliating than friends and family knowing that our wifes cuck us. Not sure why its such a turn on but it is, at least with me.
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    We need more information! Lol x
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    Too True Beth. I get a slight tingle just reading this XXX