How We Came To This Lifestyle Choice.

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    This is following on from my previous post, my dilemma about my sexy wife and the possibility of should I allow her to take a BBC lover? Why do I want her to take him when she has never previously, even expressed any desire for this? This is not a fantasy.

    As we drove home from the GB we spoke about the evening and agreed that all three guys were nice but that one stood out for us both. I asked Lou if she would be interested in meeting him again(secretly I wanted to see him fuck her again), but perhaps in more privacy, and she agreed. We have never done a 121 meet unless only one guy has showed when the others blobbed so this was a big step for us. As we spoke we agreed that it would be very horny to invite him back to ours and for them to use our bed….

    She admitted to being very excited at the prospect and I knew she had cum loads and really enjoyed the hard fucking he provided her. I was in my own dilemma. My head was already spinning at the implications of what I was thinking and my stomach churned at the thought. Al & I were corresponding by text and Fab and I knew he was very hot for Lou, as she was for his cock, and I was to be a part of this-even though this had never, in our wildest dreams, entered either of our heads. She admitted to really enjoying being fucked fiercely by him and that she loved taking his Big Black Cock in the GB. We have always enjoyed group/GB sex but this was something different, this guy was 4 guys in 1, but I knew that if the next time went as well as before, we would want him back and that I was wanting my wife to take him as her BBC Lover. And this thought was growing. I even posted a thread and was kinda asking, should I or shouldn’t I?

    Lou and I have been together for years, she is very correct in what and how she does things, quiet and measured, but the first time I bedded her I knew she was one extremely hot and horny woman who suppressed, and even denied, her true sexy self. We started swinging almost two years ago and have slowly developed a Master/Sub sexual relationship when swinging and with my encouragement, she has really opened her sexual horizons. Until now, almost everything we had done together, I have done in my previous life.

    We had always spoken about how good it would be to have a reliable guy who would turn up for fun when he said he would, who we could rely upon to be involved in fun however we fancied it. But we both appreciated that this had more regular and personal implications…..

    Lou said she would be happy to meet whenever Al & I chose to arrange it, so there is no time like the present, I thought! Saturday afternoon came and went and in the evening he confirmed that he could meet up with us and would come over. My throat was dry, my stomach churned over and over and my head span with excitement and desire. This was it, my prim and proper wife was going to have another guy in our bedroom, on our bed. And I said I did not want to be involved, only watch and photograph. She was his for the night and he was hers, she decided what she would or would not do. Master was allowing his Sub wife off the leash to do as she pleased.

    I told Lou he was coming over and her although that it was so soon after Wednesday, her eyes shone and my wife went upstairs to shower and prepare herself, I helped her and at 9.45 she came downstairs dressed only in heels, black stockings and suspenders, with a bra and panty set. Her long red hair flowed over her shoulders and her new 34G bra barely contained her breasts. I could see a fine covering of pale orange hair through her knickers. The black of her clothing only accentuated the paleness of her very white skin.

    We drank a Whisky and ice and spoke about what would happen and how this time, I would not take the lead. Ten o’clock came and went and by quarter past, I was getting nervous that we would have a no-show. I text him and waited. And waited.

    Finally a reply, he had been having some issues and was setting off soon, so here by eleven I thought? The clock ticked, I poured another glass for my sexy wife and waited…. Eleven-fifteen… At last! A text, he was setting off. The time seemed to drag. I was fearful.

    “Are you ready for this?” I asked Lou, “If you’re not we can always post-pone as it is late?”

    I wanted to ensure that this was right for her as we ll as me as we don’t take ‘hits for the team’ and he was running two hours late, we had a busy Sunday planned.

    “Yes, I am,” my wife smiled back. My stomach churned with excitement and I was almost shaking with trepidation and desire to see them together.

    We chatted further and eventually, my phone vibrated. I am outside, it read, my heart fluttered and I swallowed hard.

    “He is here.”

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    Creeping through the back door and gate, which I had previously unlocked ready, I snuck out and I met him where we had agreed. A dark alleyway where no one could see us. After all, we did not want any random stranger or neighbour spying our visitor. He was dressed casually but smartly dressed and smelled good. I was glad that he had taken the time to prepare himself properly. I led him to the house…

    Lou was waiting in the half light of the back door, her pale white skin, framed by her black lingerie gleamed pale in the moonlight. As he entered, he hugged her and kissed her neck. So erotic. I silently secured the door and she led him by his hand into the living room. I followed and seated myself.

    We had spoken about the way to relax our guest, we were unsure how he would be in this atmosphere so wanted to ensure he was comfortable. Lou poured him a drink and sat down on the sofa, the lamp light glistening in her long auburn locks, her pale white cleavage framed by the bra. The whiteness of her skin in stark comparison to his black skin. I sat watching and allowed them to talk. He looked at our family photos, questioned us about our lives, and we about his. Lou often looked to me for leadership but tonight, none was forth-coming. We all laughed and joked, the tension built and the clock ticked as a music channel played in the background. What it was or even which channel it was, I cannot recall. Seeing her dressed as she was, the way he looked at my wife, and the way she coyly smiled was mesmerising. She flirted very gently as her confidence rose.

    The distance between them had closed since their initial embrace, although they had not touched.

    My wife leant over, her cleavage on show, her pale and slender hand on his sable forearm. She kissed him hard on his lips and my heart soared-in the meets we have had she has always refused to kiss any man who tried and to see them kissing, black and white, was amazingly erotic.

    “Take me to bed”
    She looked at me, I smiled in reassurance and standing up she took him by the hand and led the way to the stairwell, our guest put his hand on her bum and followed. Breathing deep, I followed in their wake up the stairs to our bedroom……
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    Loving this, so erotic...
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    Continue the story please, it great.
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    Im obessed with wanting to watch my girlfriend with a BBC it all started with ir porn i couldnt help but be turned on by watching these petite little white girls taking BBC it didnt take long before ir porn was the only porn id jack off too then it became my ultiment fantacy to watch my gf with BBC every interacial sex scene i watched i imagined it was my girl Renee. Performing such acts
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    With a click, the bedroom door closed behind me.

    Our marital bed was neatly made and the space illuminated from the warm glow from the bedside lamp. The windows were on the latch to let in some air flow on this very warm night but I knew the windows could not be opened as sound carries too well at night. I had already placed our summer fan in a position to cover the bed area whilst on Lou’s bedside drawers, I pre- placed a vibrator and plenty of lubrication. His cock was very big and Lou is, even now, finger tight.

    I stood with my back to the door and they were 2 feet in front of me facing each other. Lou is genuinely sub so I usually start things, but not tonight. They looked at each other and hugged, he kissed her on the neck and she gasped, speedily this stranger in our bedroom began to disrobe, his clothes falling at his feet. The lean black man was stood naked before my wife. His ebony skin in awesome contrast to her gently pale and lightly freckled complexion. He kissed her hard on the lips and she responded. In seconds he had pulled the bra straps from her shoulders and was sucking and kneading her 34G breasts and lapping at her nipples. I fumbled for my mobile phone camera and her bra dropped to the floor, releasing her heavy milky white orbs. Her pink nipples erect and already in his mouth and fingers flicking and squeezing as he greedily fed on her mammaries and swollen nipples.

    By the time I had got to the camera ready, he was stood over her and again I saw his impressive cock, not yet fully erect. He must be a good ten inches, perhaps approaching eleven, in length, with a good girth, and his huge black, cum laden balls hung low below his impressive manhood. How could my beautiful wife not want this man as her lover?

    Except now my wife was on her knees in front of him, sucking this black monster, one hand on his ever expanding penis, the other by her side. He held her hair tight, giving me a better view and I began to click away with the camera phone.

    This was no good!!! I had not intended to take photos tonight, but this was already the most erotic experience of my life. I leapt back across the bed and fumbled to grab my expensive Nikon camera from the floor, still loaded with footage from the previous Wednesday. I repositioned myself to watch my wife, sucking greedily on his huge black cock, it was like a chunk of thick drainpipe and she was lavishing it lovingly, with grateful abandon. Licking the entire length, sucking his heavy balls and back again, my wife sucked greedily and feasted on his long and heavy penis. I began to snap away, my trousers already discarded.

    She gobbled greedily and slurped on his BBC for several minutes and I watched fascinated, before he gently raised her to her feet. This was part of the reason we had chosen to meet him again-he knew when to be gentle and considerate and when he had no need to be….

    He kissed her tits and squeezed them passionately, she moaned as his cock and balls brushed and poked her tits and tummy. He pushed her back onto the bed. Looking down on her, his cock pointing like a huge flagpole over her body, he leant down, seizing her panties with both hands. My expectant wife lifted her legs in the air to make the baring of her married white pussy easier. Unceremoniously, he discarded them.

    Laid on our bed with her feet on the floor, her lover lowered himself and sucked hard on her left nipple, her legs parted and she groaned loud as he took his place between her married thighs. His huge ebony shaft was now fully erect and she sighed and shuddered, her tits quivering as she did so, as he pushed the head of his engorged cock against her little pink clitoris and rubbed the head over her sodden and pouting pink pussy lips, Lou groan with expectation. He slipped his fingers just into her cunni and played with the head of his weapon over her parted lips-I already knew that she was soaking wet and ready for what was to follow ( I had once surprised her by taking her to an unknown destination, bound and blindfolded for a meeting she had no idea about and when I removed her knickers, the juices flowed to her knees).

    He kissed her passionately on her lips and she kissed him back eagerly, and with a yearning for what was to follow next. My wife was so aroused by her big black bull that it was evident, no further foreplay was required…….

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    Great stuff love it
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    This I s doing wonders for my cock.
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    My mouth watered and I watched excitedly, he gripped the thick shaft of his cock as it pushed against her quim. She wriggled further onto the bed in an almost futile effort to avoid being impaled. He held his position and she was soon laid on her side of the bed with her head on the pillows. Her side of the bed. This was where we made love, where we fucked and where she had conceived.
    His cock was uncovered, bare. Gleaming black against her ivory skin. Her pussy juices had already smeared the head of his cock which was glistening and straining to enter my wife.
    I remembered how tight her pussy was for my reasonably thick, eight inch cock. And how she had worried when we first met, that I was too big. There was no worry now, only lust for her lovers bare cock. My wife was about to become a slut and we had no qualms about what might follow.
    Her legs were now cast wide, as were her arms, star-fished in submission to him. She kissed him cautiously, with an air of expectancy. She waited for his Nubian phallis. He gripped the thick shaft of his heavy penis and squeezed it forcefully into Lous eager cunt. (My favourite photo from the whole night…)Her mouth opened wide and a low but rising mewl emanated from somewhere within, it was a grumble and sigh that emanated lust, desire and satisfaction. Her back arched as she struggled to accommodate her lover, her eyes rolled backwards as with one powerful thrust, he jammed his big, black and bareback cock all the way into my willing wife. Black began to slowly fuck white, withdrawing his cock half way before sliding until he was balls deep inside her. I snapped away, engrossed by the sight of his black cock silhouetted against her thighs as he speared her and she sighed and panted contentedly.
    I wish now that I had filmed his entry into her rather than trying to still-frame it, but I was not thinking clearly. My head was spinning, my heart was pounding & even my legs were quivering slightly although not as much as Lou’s, I think!
    He was fucking my wife steadily, his ebony frame pinning her body to the bed, her legs spread wide to receive him into her. He kissed her lips and her dainty white hands stroked his frame. She held his arms and shoulders and ran her hand across his back until she was gently pulling him into her more. White hands on a black bum that was steadily pumping his cock into my wife. He was no longer kissing her but focusing on what he was doing. Her head lolled lazily as they coupled erotically. One breast was squeezed from under his body, not just her nipple was erect but the whole areola was swollen too. My wife was well beyond arousal.
    They fucked like this for several minutes, I circled, watching and snapping. She was no longer aware of my presence and I didn’t want her to be. Here I was in my own bedroom, excited, expectant and somewhat redundant. And I was so utterly aroused!
    She couldn’t resist his cock, he was in control of her now. He slowed his fucking to a gentle tempo and raised his body as he leant to his right. My wife lay with her legs open, hands on the pillow in complete submission. He suckled her right breast and I could see his cock still inside her, the base glistening with her juices and his heavy testes resting lightly against her bum.
    She was calming her breathing, hee was getting his breath and I now realise that this was the calm before the storm.

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    If you like this story, our album entitled Lou and Alex contains pics from their first few meets.
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