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How to get wife to admit

that she wants a BBC?

Been married 10yrs, have 2 kids. But wife was wild in college and is kinda prudish now. I catch her looking at large cocks when we are out but every time I try to bring it up, she shuts down.

I'd love to get her to admit that she wants it so we can get it for her, but I've had no luck. Any advice?


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See IR porn with her. (I suppose you want a BBC for her) Say to her that the cocks are big. Talk about how she likes to see big dicks. It's best to give her a glass or two of wine before talking about porn.


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Husband here.
Mine was all slow progression over a long period of time.

Talking about sex.
Writing stories for her to read.
Asking her to look at porn and find her favorites and share them with me.
Looking at CL together and laughing at ads (and others pointing out people's huge cocks)

One day I just said, "My greatest fantasy is to see you fuck a big ass cock."

She gave me a weird look and I just was honest about how her orgasm was the most incredible thing to me.

She told me I had a big cock (7.5") and I told her I meant a really big cock.

We got toys.
Watched porn.
I would talk shit as I fucked her.
When I fucked her with a toy I would tell her to imagine a big cock fucking her.

Then we moved into chatting with people and I just told her it was to see how it actually made me feel.

Its been great.
She's been chatting off and on (more off) with someone on here now. Shes still apprehensive and u can read our story here somewhere. Some asslick ruined her for a bit with lies.


We were fucking the other day and I asked her if she wanted that guy to be her first and she said "yes"

Pulled out a toy and told her to imagine it and talk dirty to him.

She was calling his name and asking him to fuck her with his big black cock.

Im not sure how the reality will be to be honest, but the journey has been amazing. Its spiced things up. Made us kinky as shit and its been fun.

I cant imagine it being negative.

We have talked and we both agree. Fall in love with the cock and the fucking he puts on you, but love this man. I have no insecurities at all.

Just enjoy the ride and if it happens great.
If it doesnt great.

mine has gone back and forth a lot in the last three months, but we are very close.

Im almost positive if we had that "someone" over and kids were asleep or gone, we'd do it. Itll all be about circumstances.

If I can get her to sext him. Itll all be over. She will for sure. Shes that close.....

Just take your time. No pressure.