How to get wife interested

hi was just wondering what people say about this I think I want my wife to have black cock more than her she talks to blacks and as skyped with some but she still doesn't seem to be into it as she makes out what should I do
Well she watches interracial porn talks to black guys has skyped a couple of times but when she first went on Skype and saw a bbc I thought she would of been hooked there and then but she didn't Skype for weeks after that I left her to do it herself se how she got on but I felt like I had to keep telling her she needs to do more to keep me interested in it as well there were loads of times I thought she would of sneakily gone on Skype while I was a sleep or fucked her big black dildo in secret the thought of catching her drove me wild but it seems like she just does it with me when I bring it up


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I have similar prob. However we have introduced dildo on occasion. And talk about it be open bit don't go on all the while.
do u have messenger???


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Ok daft things let's say if ur watching a film or TV with a black in .guy..Make a comment. ..about him..get her opinion...mayb watch some porn .
We roleplay in bed

Natalia Foster

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From a woman's perspective...(in a marriage of 22 years that has invited black guys off and on over the years)

Do you know why Black Guys turns her on? Skin color, body type, something different, being naughty, the excitement of it all, cock size? Start with emphasizing those things into your dialogue.
1. What's really holding her back? You, her, the kids?
2. Maybe she only does it because it turns YOU on so much...and that turns her on?
3. Maybe it makes her feel guilty when she wants to Skype/chat on her own? (feels like she's cheating)
4. Maybe she's not comfortable showing emotion and passion towards another person with you around. Until she can be comfortable with your reactions to her reactions, this will never be a pleasurable experience for her.
5. Are you pushing her too fast? Going slow is the best thing...and be careful not to slam on the brakes when she wants to go a bit further than you. :)
6. If you are not completely trusting of eachother and understand eachother's expectations, then this sort of lifestyle can drive you apart pretty quickly.

OK. Nuff said. Hope this helps.
Thank you very much for your replies maybe I should slow down and wait it did start of as my fantasy and over time she grew on it I do think she does care about me a lot and she does hold back so our relationship doesn't get wrecked but if I go slow and leave her to do things on her own it will never happen and does make me think she is just doing it for me yet she fantasies about me watching her with her bull getting dominated if she was ready for the real thing I would of thought she would be talking and skyping more and using her black toys any chance she gets I do know I have always had a higher sex drive then her and it is a issue but she has been a lot Hornier lately and she likes it when I get involled more
If you need to keep telling your wife to talk to blacks and she don't go on Skype unless you bring it up yet she still says she wants black cock what are you suppose to do