How to convince wife try bbc

How one should convince wife to try BBC.
While it was a fantasy of mine long before I ever married (seeing a black guy do a white girl that is), I never even remotely believed it would ever be something I'd actually witness. After I married, especially whenever we were making out, I'd often share this fantasy with my wife, Pam. It took almost nine years of sharing this fantasy with her before anything transpired. It all boiled down to being in the right place, at the right time with the right guy! The pleasure of blackening Pam's virginity went to an old university friend and roommate of mine, Edwin! That was over three years ago. We were on a vacation/convention trip at the time and her fucked her for five straight nights in a row back then. He's had her numerous times since then, as well as his twin brother, Eduard. She's also done two friends of theirs, one of whom was a real dud. Her favourite however is Edwin, almost exclusively.

P.S. It was the surprise of my lifetime to have my fantasy bought to reality, a much much bigger surprise to witness that the white girl in my fantasy would turn out to be my wife!
How one should convince wife to try BBC.
Perhaps "convince" is the wrong word . Many women already want it but are not disposed to pursue it . So the matter becomes how do you lead them too it . More often today its more a matter of getting out of they way as they are already
willing and they just need the right opportunity ... ie a vacation ... a trip ...a weekend away ..