how to avoid flakers


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This is probably on here somewhere already but to be honest cant be bothered to look it up now...To pissed off after another person flaked on us..

We like to meet up in hotels instead of motels...That tends to make it a bit more expensive aswell
the area where we are located is pretty hard to reach with public transport..Also little remote so not many guys around here..

So when we find someone we usually try to meet up somewhere in Manhattan
And ofcourse we host.
We've got one guy that we've met up with so far there which works out great

But we've tried to set something up with other guys..However they always tend to flake at the last minute

So my question is..What do you do to avoid flakers ? Whats you're process before you meet up with someone ?
( Weve also just been using AFF...Never really found anyone on here and craigslist is just to unreliable to deal with)

Thanks for the read
Hmm, Ive never had the opportunity to meet up with anyone yet but Im hoping I can meet up with sexy white woman in a hotel some time soon. Fingers crossed!

I would never flake! Thats disrespectful! That sexy wife is spending her time and money on a hotel to get some good dick and have an afternoon of pleasure, why would you flake? Also why would a straight man flake on some pussy? Makes no sense to me...

BTW OP, I would never flake on those breasts! :p