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How Many Wives Are BBC Only?

Not sure if you if you are one of those who assumes all the girls here are hotwives or part of cuckold couples, like some seem to do...or if you really want to ask that question just of wives, but not of single girls.

But if you want to know from a "single" girl - actually, I have a FWB girlfriend - I am definitely only into BBC Bulls when it comes to guys these days. Right now I'm getting what I need in relationships with other women, but I'm still one of those girls who just needs to be fucked sometimes - a strappy doesn't do it, and my current GF isn't into them anyway - and I've found I'm a natural size queen and get off from being really filled like nothing else. My jerk of a longtime ex was a pissy little white boy, and I'd never been with a black guy (or a girl) until after him, but two of my last three male lovers have been black (on the large side though not really big), but I'm finding that it just fits the bill for me when I need something different...and a good fucking..... ;)

:blackheart: Lanie