How long did you try to resist your cuckold urge?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by circusill, Aug 18, 2013.

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    It's a nasty thought at first. Your innocent white wife sucking on a monster black cock. But your little cock gets rock hard. You cant stop thinking about it. You try to resist it. But you can't.

    You have no choice but to relieve your erection. You try to suppress the thoughts but they keep coming back. You become obsessed with wanting to watch your wife have sex with a black man. Finally you give in. You begin watching tons of interracial and cuckold porn, always imagining your wife as the white woman. You start fantasizing about your wife being gangbanged by 5 black guys with huge cocks. You begin fantasizing about her humiliating you and comparing your tiny cock next to theirs. You start fantasizing about licking a creampie out of her vagina. Before you know it, you are begging your wife to fuck a black guy.

    How long was it before you gave in and admitted to yourself that you want to watch your wife or girlfriend have sex with a big black cock?
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  2. Dsoul

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    A lot of white bois wrestle with their fantasy regarding this subject. Plenty of them seriously want it to happen . . . But can't imagine how, and don't know which way to go about it. Most times I receive mails from a lot of hubbies who're just confused about what they want, and even if they know what they want, are afraid to present the idea to their wives.

    Further help is what they deserve.

    Master SHANGO.
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    I dont like that site tbh. boring.
  4. calixto

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    You know my case is different. When I knew my wife, she was getting a relationship with a black guy. Their relationship was not right and despite she wished become my girlfriend, Susie continued beside him for some months more. They usually had sex by those days, so I began to feel excitation thinking about them fucking.
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    Rude. DSoul has some very good stuff posted there. You need to get your ass whipped. And yes, I mean actual whipping. Not someone to beat you up.