How I got into interracial because of my ex girlfriend

First, I need to tell my story is really what happened to me. It is not the typical cuckold story where the husband has a fetish for interracial and introduce it to his wife. First, she was not my wife. Second, i never thought of differences between black and white guys before she made me realize it.

First I have to tell you the story is based in europe.
I met my ex girlfriend in a club. She was 18. I was 23 and was often going to clubs trying to pick up girls there, and enjoyed moderate success.
She was 18, from russia, a student. She had moved 6 months ago from russia, and... was a virgin.
She was 168 cm (5ft5), has long brown hair, freckles, her skin was as white it gets (the type that can't get a tan). She had fit legs and big ass, she liked to run and do sport. So yes she was fit. She had nicely shaped boobs, big enough for me (85c) and small very pink nipples. She was not a model though. Her face would be rated a 7, really cute typically girl from the cold, but still not the hottest girl in the club or something.
We went on a string of dates before we actually ended up having sex. (took about 1 month)
Sex quickly became really good. She was very sexual, and talented at it, and very horny. She was one of the best sex I had had at the time.
What started as something casual, ended up being a pretty serious relationship. I was spending most of my nights in her appartment (her flatmates did not seem to mind)
It lasted for 1 year till I got to move to another country for work. I had to be away for at least 2 years. I thought there was no way we would be able to keep the relationship going. So I told her we should break up.
So we did.
We ended up keeping in touch, which we probably should not have. I ended up hooking up with some new girls where I moved, but made an effort to never talk about that topic with her. I did not want to know what she is doing there. We were just friends now.
But I started to miss her a lot after 10 months, I realized all other girls were boring compared to her. I had to come back. When I told her that, she was really happy, she missed me a lot too, and was hoping to get back with me, she still was in love with me.

Revelations of what she did when we were separated

After coming back, one thing I realized is she seemed more like a grown up. I met her at 18. She was now 20. She used to wear few or no make up. She used to wear mostly jeans, and rarely any heels.
Now her hair was made differently, more sexy, more volume. She was wearing more make up. And she had a lot of new sexy clothes and underwear in her wardrobe.

But except that, she had not changed much. We were back to having similar life we used to have before I left. A lot of fun.

One night, when we were drinking wine in the balcony though, we ended up talking about a topic I told myself I would not want to get into. But the alcohol helping, it happened.

It started by her asking me if I got a girlfriend while I was away. I explained that I had a couple but I got tired and bored of them really quick cause they were just not like her. She found it very cute. And she proceeds to tell me it was same for her. She went with three guys after I left, but both were just boring and... sex was so bad with them compared to sex with me. She continued by telling she started to believe she would never be able to enjoy sex with anyone else but me.
It made me feel pretty good.
I was quite drunk and could not resist to ask her: 'so did you end up finding some guys who you were actually able to enjoy sex with?'
She went bit silent. And then started to laugh bit nervously and she said 'Actually yes...but only black guys' and she laughed more.
That felt weird. I got some really strange emotions inside me when I heard that, since I was not black.
I asked 'why? did you try that many? maybe you did not try with enough white guys?'
She answered 'well all white guys I had except you were bad, and all black guys were just something very different and much better. they just have this thing. it is natural for them'
I interrupted, starting to feel really insecure and bit angry : 'so was sex with black guys also better than sex with me then?'
Her answer was : 'of course not, sex is the best with you. It can't be better than with you. With you I have feelings, I love you, sex is the best when you love someone you know. Sex with you is perfect'.
So I asked: 'but you said sex with black guys is just so different than sex with white guys and I am not black. What is so different? And then do I have this too? And then if sex with feelings is the best, did you have feeling for these black guys?'
She said : 'no, no. It was just sex really, don't worry. I was not in love with any of them. I am in love with you' and I say 'so sex with these black guys was worse than with me. And I am white, so that proves your theory about black guys being better sex than white guys is just completely false'. She then says 'well I still think it is true'and started to laugh which started to make me angrier. So i asked "so what is so different then?". She says 'well they know what they are doing. I think it is in their blood. they have the instincts. you know like they have the rhythm. They are more animals' I tell her she is being racist (and she has always been a bit racist, I often heard her referring to black people as black men, it is something from being russian, which is a much more racist culture).
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Then I ask her: "so what the white men you hooked up with did not give that black men gave you, during sex". She answers " well , everything, with the black guys, everything is natural and simple. they just know how to fuck you know. I realized how wet I could get when I started having sex with black men, and how easily I could have orgasm just from fucking... before I thought I had to stimulate my clitoris but you know, this it is a different type of orgasm, when you fuck and it is really deep..". I get really angry "so you never had orgasm while I fuck you?". She gets nervous "no no it s not what I meant, of course I did". And I said "but you just said you did not you could orgasm like that before trying black men?!" and she says "no it s not what I mean, of course I orgasm with you, well I think I do.. with them it is just different type of orgasm i think". I say " different how?". She says "uhm I don't know how to say, your questions are too complicated, we should not talk about that. It makes you angry. I am sorry". I insist "come on you said too much now. HOW IS IT DIFFERENT?" ..She says 'I don't know, I guess it is more bright or something.'. I say: "More bright? what do you mean? like stronger or something? better?" .. She says " uhm i guess yeah, but you know i don't know. "; I ask 'how is it different?'. She says 'well, it is just this feeling all over my body, like i can't control, and my brain just receive very strong shock and it feels very good, and i just have to yell loud I can't help it, it is just great". I say 'I don't think you ve felt this with me, right?" And she says 'no, not like this.' .
I ask her is if it because they have bigger cocks. She said she doesn't think it is the reason because they did not have all same size but they all made her feel that way. I ask 'but were they all big? bigger than me?'( I have been said to have a pretty big dick, I am 20-21 cm) She says 'actually not all, some were about same size as you, but sure all were bigger than other white guys i have been with after you'. I say 'so even guys same size as me, they make you feel different than me, what is the reason then?'. She says 'I don't know, it is something more animal i think, and their dick somehow seems to touch and feel different, it is softer and has thicker skin, the feeling is totally different"
I was pissed off, and i got horny at same time, I fucked her rough calling her a slut. It was hot.
The next morning, when I woke up, I was even angrier on her. But I tried not to think about it. She seemed to have love sex with me last night. I thought i must have made her change her mind.
Few days passed. I noticed she liked to play at making me jealous. Mentioning black guys here and there, and telling how handsome one black actor was on tv etc.
I got angry, but she kept saying I am the best. And when I was telling her she could go back to her black friends if she liked them so much, she was saying she did not feel the need cause she had me.
One day, she got a phone call from one of her black friends. She did not answer it.
I asked her why she doesn't answer. She says it would be weird to answer, cause she is with me now. I asked her if she is still in contact with some of them. She says one of them keeps messaging her dirty texts, but she has not answered yet his texts since I came back.
i ask her to show me the texts. she doesn't want. I insist and she shows me.
i quickly understood why she did not want to show me. She had been messaging him.

She justifies herself by saying it was only after we talked about all that the other night, she was drunk and horny and it made her think about all that. I check the time of the messages, and it was after we had sex, probably when i was sleeping.
And it was dirty texting. She was answering the message he had sent her the previous day 'so how is sex with your boyfriend?". She answered 'just had some great dirty sex with him ;) ". Which felt quite nice to read.
Then he asked her 'did he make you come like i do? is his cock big like mine?", which she answered 'no and no ;) '
He asks 'does he have a small cock? why he doesn't make you feel like i do?'. which she answered 'well no he is actually really big for a white guy. but not just as big as yours, and well for the second question, you know I think black cock feels better in my pussy ;)'