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How did you get started?

As I am starting this journey, I become curious as to how so many couples start it. How did you and your gf/bf/husband/wife begin your interracial cuckold adventure???

My gf just knew something was up when I wouldnt let her on my phone all the time(due to interracial porn). She thought I was cheating, so i just told her to stop further complications. Now she lets me use a BBC dildo on her ;)


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re: How did you get started

.....It helps if the reason you are desiring your lady to be with other men is more for HER benefit, not yours. It also helps if the current relationship is healthy, with good communications, openness, & honesty. Based upon what you posted in your first comment, do you see that existing now?
.....Although we're becoming a more open, liberal society, a lot of ladies prefer monogamous relationships with a strong male with ambitions and goals. Women tend to look a bit further into the future than many of us males, so if you're wanting her to do something that you personally desire, you better have a good reason how/why it benefits her and her goals, otherwise, you'll get one of those long, thousand yard stares.
.....Involving others in your sexual relationship with your partner can be fun and re-elevate sexual interest with your partner, BUT, if done for the wrong reasons, can be just as damaging.
First I told her I wanted us to have a 3some, then we did and it went as good as it could have but I told her next time I wanted to find a guy with a bigger cock. She agreed but said it wasn't nessesary as mine was fine( I was the biggest she had been with 6 1/2")and didn't need a bigger one but if that's what I wanted to see she would go with it. I mentioned possibly a black guy and her response was " no way, I'm not gonna fuck a black guy, not a chance!" So I found a white guy about 7 1/2" and pretty thick and she really liked his cock! After that went so well, I suggested getting her a bigger dildo and she was ok with that. I got her one about 8" and about as thick as the guy we were with. She loved it and so a week later I got her a 10" thick one Doc Johnson UR3 material. The Jeff Stryker model. At first she said, I could not ever take that!!! But one night while fucking and teazeing her with the other one I grabbed the big one and started pushing it against her pussy lips and she was so turned on by then she asked me to try to put it in her. It maybe got halfway in and she started cumming really hard on it and couldn't believe how good it felt! We were using that one from now on,lol. I was fucking her with it one night while bringing up pictures on my iPad of interracial sex. Didn't say anything to her about it just left them up while we were playing. We wanted another 3some so I started looking for a hung white guy. Well we supposedly found a couple but when it came down to meeting them after plenty of pic exchanges and such they would back out. While scrolling looking for more guys I showed her a pic of a built black guy with a big cock and she said to go ahead and contact him. We did and we met him a week or so later and he fucked her good and was pretty dominant with her and she loved his cock! From then until now she doesn't care wether they are black or white as long as they are hung!! Since we have been meeting other guys I have always joined in and fucked her with them and as time progressed she started wanting me more involved and asked them(as she is holding their cock) if they mind if I handle them as well, not one has said no. She has been wanting me to suck one with her lately but I haven't as of yet. It's been a fun ride with more to cum!!! BTW... Our relationship got better and stronger as we have gotten deeper into this and that is due to the fact we are open, honest, and truthful with EVERYTHING that happens and talk about it each and every time and change anything that either of us don't like that happened in any prior meets. We only play together and everyone we talk to goes through my phone only. That's what we BOTH feel comfortable with in our relationship. Everyone has different wants and needs for their relationship though.
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