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It all depends on the woman. One of the women that shares my bed from time to time is quite petite and she can completely engulf me and just just fucks the Hell out of me. She is a wonderful change of pace. There have been a couple of women over the years that simply couldn't handle what I had to offer. Most women can adapt to most male organs but there are exceptions. The first time a woman encounters a really large man patience is generally essential.


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Size does not guarantee anything. I'm Mulatto, the result of the mixture of various races and I can say that many women are addicted to my cock, many have been pregnant and still married looking in my milk. It is a shame that in my country there are no communities like this .. just tourists or exchange students.


I can only speak from my limited experience. I have only been with one bbc, my current lover. He is by far the biggest guy I have ever been with, and I was nervous at first. I am petite (5' 2 and 107), and I didn't know if I could handle him. But he was patient, let me get used to it slowly at my pace. I think that is the key, going slow. And we still go slow at first, even now. But I am able to take all of him now, and it feels amazing. He actually touches my cervix and pushes past it, which was a total new experience for me.
hey,the little gals can take a big one 2, like u say, go slow at frist,my frist BBC with way past my hushand, it made me move a lots, u know I had 2 pull back from it, I never had a experience before like this in my live, it was 2 big around & way 2 long, by the 3 time it was all in me, i'm not into BC, but I aim into BBC