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Honeymoon in Miami and Caribbean

Hello everyone,
next Demeber I would like to spend our honeymoon in South Beach Miami (22-29 December) and in a caribbean island (30 December to 5 Jenuary).
I'm looking for a hotel in South Beach where to show my wife's topless in the pool and on the beach, and also with sexy clothing during the day and evening.
Just the same is true for the Caribbean. Which island and which resort would you recommend? We are interested in hotels and resorts near the beach and we are 32 y.o.
Is there a nice latino that wants to admire my wife during honeymoon?

Hi i live in the bahamas and i would love it if you guys would like to come here since its so close to miami. I would recommend the atlantis resort if you did decide to come. lemme know if your interested

Miami Crystal

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There are sections of Miami Beach that are topless for tourists but the best is to go to Haulover Beach a few miles north. It is both a great beach and a legal full nude beach.

Check the Internet as there are a zillion great hotels on the Beach, a wide range of price and amenities. Hotels in the Art Deco District from 5th to 15th on Ocean Drive are mostly small rooms and expensive with direct access to the park that fronts the Beach but are next to many party bars so it can be noisy. North of the the large hotels are on the Beach proper and have pools.