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Honeymoon Horror


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Dez Ramsey had been working as a bell hop at the Sea Breeze Resort since graduating from high school, two months earlier, just after turning 18 years of age. He was counting the days until football practice opened at State U., where he would attend college on a football scholarship. As far as Dez was concerned, college football was just a necessary stepping stone enroute to his ultimate goal to making it in the pros.
As for marking time as a bellhop at the posh resort, it wasn't as glamorous a job as Dez would have liked, but it paid well and there were plenty of perks. Well known from being a local sports hero, tall and muscular, perks came readily in the form of wet and willing young pussy available to the cunning opportunistic black stud. Dez pretty much ruled the roost at the Sea Breeze, utilizing an incomparable combination of charm, seduction, wit and/or intimidation to ensure his needs and his goals were satisfied.
Things couldn't have been going better for Dez Ramsey but he was never one to settle for less than the whole enchalada. From the moment he spotted the gorgeous young blonde bride stepping out of the limo, dressed in her white lace wedding gown and 3-inch heels, Dez told himself that the pretty bride was going to be his very next notch on the bedpost. 'Damn, I's jist gotta get me a helping of that clean tasty little beaver!' he muttered to himself.
Moving into position in the lobby, Dez waiting anxiously for the unwitting newlyweds to check in, wanting to be the bellhop available once their registration was completed. A devious plan was already beginning to form in his mind as Dez gave the groom a brief once over to size up his opposition. Sneering and giving a cuss under his breath, in Dez's opinion, the groom was a typical white punk who he could take care of with one hand tied behind his back. 'How in the hell can this fuck'n wimp land such a sexy and refined beauty like this?' he wondered.
Dez chuckled, wondering if the lovely young bride had ever been with a man as well-endowed, virile and experienced as himself. 'Shit, I wonder if she'd ever had her cherry popped yet? The fuck'n wimp she's marrying looks like a fuck'n nerd! Wonder if he even knows how to do it?' he wondered. Dez felt that all too familiar telltale twitch as his cock sprang to life, hardening quickly in the anticipation of being the one to break in the lovely bride on her wedding night.
As Dez loaded up the luggage and escorted the newlyweds to the honeymoon suite, he cunningly pumped the couple for information, trying to decide on a plan of attack. Given enough time, Dez was sure he could charm his way into her panties but time was of the essence. If charm didn't do it, then force would be the means to accomplish his dirty deed. As to be expected, the bride and groom all but ignored him altogether, cuddling and kissing all the whole way up to the level of the honeymoon suite.

As so often the case with young brides, the new Mrs. Gwen Manning was still basking in the afterglow of what one would have termed to be the perfect wedding. At the tender age of 21, head over heels in love with stars in her eyes, all of Gwen's dreams were about to be realized. Having just given her marital vows to the handsome Matt Manning, whom she had met in college, Gwen looked forward to an exciting honeymoon and then embarking on her new job as a stewardess for Jet Airways.
Dez choked back a grin as they reached top level, hearing the sweetness of the bride's soft voice, telling himself that she'd be singing an entirely different tune in just a few short hours. Then he overheard the beautiful bride tease her husband that they only had a short time to change if they planned to make the dinner show on time. From what Dez gathered, the best man was the one to blame for putting them behind schedule. Dez felt his cock give a lurch upon hearing the bride tell the frustrated groom "Sorry, honey, but the big event will have to wait just a tinsy bit!"
After Dez showed them to the honeymoon suite, opened up the draperies and showed them the safe and explained that he'd have a complimentary bottle of champagne brought up to the room whenever they desired. Knowing that the newlyweds wanted to change clothes and hurry on out to make the dinner show, Dez made a quick and courteous departure.
A short time later, taking a break upon getting back to the lobby once he observed the newlyweds come down and head off to the dinner show, Dez headed on back up to the honeymoon suite. Having taken the pass keycard, on the pretext of going to ice down the complementary bottle of champagne in the honeymoon suite, which was customary. However, having told the newlyweds that he'd bring up the champagne upon request so he could keep it really cold for them, Dez had other ulterior motives at this time.
Once in the honeymoon suite, Dez cased the room and quickly found what he was looking for. The bride's wedding gown was hanging in a garment bag in the closet, white heels in the corner of the closet, right next to the pull-string bag that contained the lacy white bra and panties of the lovely beauty. Pulling the sheer white panties out of the bag, Dez held them up to his face, pressing them against him as he inhaled the sweet heady fragrance of her private jewel.
It was all Dez could do not to unzip his trousers and wrap the silky lace panties around his cock, wank himself off in it, but he had other plans for his potent black seed. Then, rifling through the opened suitcases, Dez found a box of condoms, thus confirming his suspicions about the method of birth control the young couple was using. Before slipping out unnoticed from the bridal suite and await the return of the newlyweds, Dez mouthed the crotch of the bride's panties to savor the remnants of her sweet honey.
Knowing exactly when the dinner show would end, Dez made it a point to be at the right spot, waving to the newlyweds and calling out "Mr. & Mrs. Manning, I'll be right up with the champagne!" A bit earlier, Dez had deftly removed the cork and added the potent drug that he had kept a container of in the trunk of his car. It was a tried and true drug he'd used before, with infallible results. He had then replaced the cork, hoping and assuming the naive newlyweds would be too busy with each other to even notice that the bottle had been tampered with before he arrived.
Shortly after they made their way up to the honeymoon suite, Dez got on the elevator to deliver the bottle of champagne. Knocking on the door and gaining entry to the suite, with the bride and groom embracing one another, Dez quickly opened the champagne and began to pour it out into the two champagne glasses. Dez turned on the charm, waiting and watching as the couple proposed a toast before downing their first drink together. Once they had finished their glasses, Dez poured them a second and politely bid them good night, thanking the punk whiteboy for the tip handed to him on the way out.
He knew that it would only take a matter of minutes for the drug to take effect; a special blend of narcotics that rendered victims zombie-like, unable to effectively focus thoughts and actions or fend off an attack. They would be woozy and only vaguely aware of what was happening to them, but able to feel both pleasure and pain. It was the perfect drug for what Dez Ramsey had in mind for the unwitting newlyweds on their wedding night. Exiting the suite, he waited and anxiously fingered the pass keycard in his left pocket.
Waiting the appropriate tine, Dez returned to knock on the door to the honeymoon suite. With no answer, Dez then let himself into the room, a wicked thrill coursing through him as he surveyed the erotic scene before him. Both bride and groom were slumped on the bed as Dez moved into position, admiring the provocative sight of the lovely bride's long ivory legs that were parted ever so temptingly. It was a much more enticing pose than the innocent young bride would ever willingly strike for anyone, even for her husband.
Dez took a moment to assure himself that both bride and groom were sufficiently drugged, pretending to administer to them, first one and then the other. With the newlyweds both out on their feet, Dez choked back a laugh as he helped the groom over to the nearby chair, taunting him "My, my! The groom doesn't seem to be man enough to even get it up on his wedding night! Don't ya worry none, boy! Ya's in luck cause ol' Dez Ramsey will's be only too happy ta do the honors fer ya! Yessir, it'll be my pleasure to help ya out!"
As he laughingly reassured the woozy, disoriented groom, Dez advised "Yessir, tonight will's be a very special night, one ya'll remember fer the rest of yer life! Ya's gonna git a real show tonight! Ya's gonna git to see a 'real man' break in that sexy little beauty ya married!" Taking a moment to undo the groom's pants, tugging them down around his ankles, he then pushed the drugged groom back into the chair. Dez then arranged the groom's chair for the optimum viewing of what was to come.
As the groom mumbled incoherently through the piece of duct tape over his mouth, obviously trying to make sense of it all, possibly pleading with Dez not to proceed with his intended rape. But Dez just pretended he was hearing the groom telling him how 'hot' his sexy young wife, responding "Yeah, yer sure are's right! She is a real beauty! And a beautiful bride like her needs to consummate her marriage on her wedding night, that's fer sure! She needs a 'real man' to break her in! I's assure ya, guarantee ya that I's jist the man fer the job!"
Remembering seeing a camcorder among the newlywed's luggage, Dez went to retrieve it. Returning with it, it took but a few moments to check it out and set it up to capture the show. Turning his attention to the young bride, repositioning her on the bed, Dez then began to slowly strip the beauty as he taunted the woozy husband. The bride, like her husband, moaned and mumbled incoherently as Dez began to remove the 3" black heels she had worn that evening. "Just relax, sweetie! It's yer wedding night and Dez is here to make sure it's a night ya'll always remember! Ya jist relax and enjoy it!" he chuckled.
Heels removed Dez placed the bride's legs back onto the bed and turned her over to undo the clasp of her dress.
Stripping the dress down, pulling it off her body and tossing it aside, Dez had the bride down to just her lacy black bra and matching panties. Seeing the frantic eyes of the punk glue to him, Dez looked him in the face and flicked his tongue out at him, slowly lowering his head to demonstrate to the groom just what he intended on doing. Face now buried into the soft golden fleece, with an "Oo!" emitted by the innocent bride, Dez figured that the groom had to know just what was taking place between his bride's thighs.
Eyes closed shut as she whipped her long silky blonde hair from side to side, Gwen never felt so much pleasure in all of her life. "Oh, God, yes!" she moaned as her womanhood was being invaded, with the wiggling within her driving her out of her mind. "Oh, what's happening to me?" Gwen shuddered.
Having dipped his thick talented tongue into bride's sweet honey pot, Dez nuzzled his nose into her soft curls as she continued to eat her out. Savoring the sweet nectar, with his flicking tongue finding and teasing her ultra sensitive clit, he heard her wail out "Oh, God, ah!" Petite body thrashing beneath him uncontrollably, Dez smiled in knowing that he had skillfully brought the innocent young bride to an earth-shattering orgasm, even in her drugged state.
Turning to look back up at the stunned groom, Dez looked at the defeated young man and licked at his glistening lips and chuckling "Sweet! Oh, so fuck'n sweet! Pure sweet honey!" Seeing the groom's cock sticking straight up in the air, Dez turned the dazed bride's head in that direction and laughing taunted "Look at hubby over there, he's got a little boner going, all's excited in seeing his beautiful little bride get'n eat'n out good by a black boy!"
With bride and groom looking at one another, Dez moved up to nuzzle at the bride's ear, whispering "Wanna bet hubby pop's his load when I's give ya some dark meat! These whiteboys git all turned on when a purty white girl gits a black man dick shoved up her tight little cunt! Yeah, baby, even when that purty white gal's his precious little bride!" Turning his head, Dez watched the woozy disoriented husband unable to gather his wits enough to rise out of his chair, unable to do anything to prevent the rape of his lovely bride.
As the young bride lay helplessly looking over at her husband's hardon, trying to regain her breath and gather wits after her earth-shattering orgasm, Dez shifted into position. Dez made sure to allow both the groom and camera the perfect angle to view his huge black cock entering into the bride's tight little pussy. And if he was correct, that this here was indeed a virginal bride, the camera would capture all the bloody destruction of this pure innocent beauty.
"Please, don't rape me! I want my husband to be the first!" came the bride's stammering plea for mercy, confirming the fact that Dez wanted to hear.
Now Dez was really enjoying this, first taunting the groom with "Hear that hubby, yer beautiful bride was saving her precious little cherry jist fer ya! C'mon over here and pop that cherry, guy! Watsa matter, can't git to bed, well, don't ya worry none, I's right here to do the job fer ya!"
Then Dez looked down at the drugged and groggy bride, telling her "Don't ya worry sweetie, ya ain't gonna be left high and dry on yer wedding night, 'ol Dez will make sure yer wedding night is consummated properly!"
Seeing the bride's frightened eyes blinking rapidly, as if trying desperately to register what he was saying, Dez knew it registered when her eyes widened and she began stammering "Please, use a condom!"
Seeing the movement from his side, Dez turned to see the groom make another attempt to come to his bride's rescue, only to fall back limply into his chair. Kneeling up straight, proudly stroking his thick black boner as the two pairs of eyes stared at his wanking, Dez then confidently bragged "Dis here's a 'real man's' cock! Busted many a cherry and went on to knock up a hell of a lot of bitches! Yessiree, Dez here is got the right tool to bust the bride's precious cherry and knock her up in the process! Wanna make sure I's give ya two the bestest wedding present of all, a little black bastard!"

As the bride sobbed in fear, while the groom struggled to shake off the effects of the drug, Dez moved over into position between the ivory white thighs. Grasping the stem of his cock, position it in place, he wanted to prolong the agony for the bride and groom as he then stroked the bloated cockhead up and down along the sensitive lips of her slick crease. Then, upon grasping the bride's trim white hips, Dez proudly made his announcement "And I hereby give ya all my world goods!"

"Aie, no, stop, oh it hurts!" came the shrill cry from the raped bride as Dez mercilessly ruptured her well preserved hymen.

"Ahh, got ya, popped that cherry of yers, Mrs. Manning!" he gloated. Looking over at the distraught husband, lifting the bride's hips up a bit and giving a few quick strokes, Dez tauntingly asked "See yer honey's cherry juice, punk?"
Seeing the groom's mouth drop wide open, tears pouring out of the punk's eyes, Dez knew he had accomplished the deed with the wimpy prick of a husband witnessing it all. "I's can feel her bleeding all over my cock, can ya see's it, can ya see yer bride's cherry juice, faggot?" he taunted. Seeing the tears flowing down the groom's cheeks was all the response that Dez needed.
Holding still to ease the urge of cumming right then and there, providing the writhing and moaning young bride the time needed to get accustomed to his raping cudgel, Dez relished being in the limelight of such a memorable occasion. Pumping back and forth a few times to re-prime his cock, making even more of the bride's cherry juice to spill from their union, the sight had made the groom's cock begin spurting out its excitement.
Tapping the bride's drowsy face, turning her head to the direction of her husband's spurting cock, Dez got her to see her husband in action. Seeing the pretty bride's eyes widen in astonishment, Dez chuckled and taunted "What'd I tell ya, yer luving hubby jist shot his load watching 'ol Dez busting his purty bride's precious cherry!"
Seeing the raging glare in the bride's eyes, then turning to see the groom looking down in shame, Dez could now celebrate as the triumphant conqueror.

Drugged but stimulated sexually at the same time, the hot scene of watching the big black stud rape and seed his beautiful bride, Matt Manning could not control the lurching of his excited cock. Groan in defeat, Matt could only watch helplessly as his seed shot pathetically up into the air and onto the carpet below, knowing that his precious Gwen was being filled by another man's seed at that very moment. Matt could only pray that the rapist's seed had not or would not find its mark, that of successfully seeing his bride's fertile womb.
Easing himself out of the sobbing bride, he first lifted her knees, then grasped her ankles and pushed her legs up the bed. With the bride's feet planted on the bed and angling her a bit, Dez then pushed her knees wide apart, affording the distraught groom a sight he'd never forget. As the young man's jaw dropped wide open upon seeing the mixture of blood and cum oozing out of his raped bride, Dez chuckled tauntingly "Look at the tasty treat yer wife and I created jist fer ya!"
Getting up and helping the groggy groom over to the bed, Dez then guided the young man's face up been the bride's bloody thighs. "Here, git a good taste of some delicious dessert! Cherry tapioca pudding is the special fer the night!" Dez laughed as he ground the groom's face into the bloody mess. He could see that the groom was desperately trying to find the strength to lift his head up from between his bride's widespread and messy thighs.
Dez laughed as the drugged husband was able to lift his head up just a couple inches before falling back into the matted curls. "What's the matter, boy? Don't like the smell or taste of a man's cum? Better eat up, sonny, .cause I's don't shoot no fuck'n blanks! Ya don't want yer beautiful bridie-poo cie'even gett'n knocked up with a little black bastard, do ya? Ain't no douche here, sonny boy, only way to git it outta yer purty wife's pussy is to eat it out!" Dez advised. Hearing slurping sounds begin to emanate from between the widespread thighs, accompanied by mewling from the shivering bride, Dez cracked up with laughter..
Dez laughed in seeing that the drugged groom apparently could only find the strength to move his tongue, a lapping up the bloody spend in his raped bride. And the beautiful bride could only lay upon the bed with her widespread knees up, mewling as her little punk ate out the goodies oozing out of her violated slit. Then, not wanting to turn his back to the groom just in case his ability to move came back to him, Dez shuffled from the top of the bed to rest the bulb of his bloated shaft onto bride's forehead.
Shaft in hand, Dez then tapped the bride's forehead to get her attention. Seeing the beauty's head tilt back a bit, her eyes widening as she looked up at the bloated tip of his cockhead, Dez began to slowly shuck at this reviving shaft. Looking down at the beautiful sight of the bride's baby blue eyes on both sides of his cock, he finally got a pearly drop of cum to finally appear at the tip of his cock. An eye drop in her right eye, followed by one in the left, and the bride was blinking madly to clear her vision.
Pushing down her chin down to part her pink lips, Dez then slid the underside of his cock over the flawless complexion of her beautiful face. "Ah, oh yeah baby, ya's got a real talented tongue there, Mrs. Manning!" he shivered as the bride's pointed tongue flicked rapidly up against his pisshole. Pushing forward, cockhead now enveloped by the soft pink lips, Dez pumped at his blood-streaked shaft as he pushed more of himself into her.
For Gwen, the pleasure being derived from the lapping of her husband's tongue now seemed to replace the agonizing pain of having her hymen brutally ruptured. Sexual desires heightened by the potent drug, Gwen was going out of her mind with her husband avidly eating her bloody snatch out. Rational senses dulled also by the drug, otherwise Gwen would never suck on a man's cock in the manner she was now doing, even allowing a penis to touch her previously virginal lips for that matter.
With the bride sucking avidly on his tool, Dez reached down to grab the groom hard by the hair, pulling him off the tasty nest, then used a hand to grasp him by the shoulder as the groggy punk fell off to the side onto his back. Then, easing his cock out of the still sucking mouth, Dez assisted the dazed bride up a bit, getting her to straddle her husband's face.
"There ya go! Jist wanted to be of help so hubby there can suck all my jizz outta yer bloody cunt! This way it'll flow right outta ya and into his mouth!" Dez laughed.
Squeezing her thighs, with whatever control of her muscles that she could muster, Gwen proceeded to provide her husband with quite an exquisite meal. Also, she knew that the more of her rapist's cum remaining up in her womb, the more chances of his seed taking root. Mouth pried open again, she was forced to accept the filthy cock into her mouth once again. Gulp more and more of the meaty monster, feeling it now clogging her throat, Gwen observed streaks of blood that represented the lose of her innocence. Then the short kinky hairs of the man who had raped her so viciously was getting closer and closer as more and more of his penis slid down her throat.
Body quivering as her husband ate her to a climax, Gwen then felt the cock pulling out of her throat till only the thick bulb remained enveloped. Then a bit a of rational thought shot through her mind, brought on by the sudden gushing of her rapist's filthy spend that rapidly began to fill he mouth. Unable to move nor take her mouth off the spurting penis, with mouth now filled to the brim, Gwen found that she had no alternative but to swallow the filthy slime.
Swallowing the slimy bile, feeling the hot goo slither down her throat and slowly make its way down to her belly, Gwen shuddered in disgust. 'Oh, God how can anyone be so vile, so filthy as to find sexual pleasure like this, with these degrading acts?' she wondered as her stomached churned in rebellion from the foreign substance. Gwen could only relate the slimy goo to the time she had sucked an egg out of its shell for a science class and had accidentally swallowed some of it.
Pulling his spended cock out from the bride's mouth as she fell to her side on the bed, Dez got off the bed and went over to the camcorder to zoom in for a shot of the cum overflowing from the succulent pink lips. He then ordered the pretty bride to "Look over here and lick yer purty pink lips fer the camera, Mrs. Manning! Show everyone how much ya's like the taste of hot cum!" As the bride complied with his request, Dez felt his cock twitch as he advised "Beautiful, jist beautiful!"
Stopping the tape as it was near the end, Dez went to retrieve an extra tape from the bag. New tape in the camcorder, he then proceeded to give the newlyweds a bit of the drugged champagne, wanting them to remain under its spell and to keep them sexually aroused. Needing time to recuperate himself, with the newlyweds lying limply on the bed, Dez went to put out the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the front door. Going to the bar, Dez proceeded to make himself a glass of scotch on the rocks, figuring to add to the whiteboy's hotel bill.
Cock revived once again, Dez turned on the camcorder and walked towards the bed to assist the lovely bride. Looking over to the groggy groom, Dez taunted "Now ain't ya glad I's went and taught yer purty wife how to suck a man's cock! Damn, she's good, sucked me like a fuck'n pro! So's ya's now gonna have an experienced little cocksucker blow ya off!"
Dragging the limp bride down the bed, angling her body off to the side, Dez guided her head to her husband's cock and commented "Looks like a little weenie compared to a 'real man's' cock, huh, sweetie!"
Hearing the groans of pleasure coming from the groom as his bride took his cock into her mouth, Dez went to get some close up shots with the camcorder. With the groom's rather small cock finally at full staff in the bride's mouth, Dez then moved to the bed to caress the beauty's soft creamy white ass. Lifting her hips and bending her knees under her, Dez positioned the young beauty on all fours as he shuffled up into position on the side of the bed.
The bride her mouth off her hubby's cock to try see what he was up to. Pushing her head back down, ordering her to start sucking again, Dez waited to hear the punk groan with pleasure before shoving his bone up the bride's virgin ass. Dez thanked God that the room was totally soundproof. "Aie!" came the identical and overlapping screams of pain from the dual that would definitely have wakened all the other guests. Cock brutally shoved up her virgin ass, the innocent bride screamed in pain as she grit her teeth down onto her then yelping husband, all to Dez's roar of laughter. A twinge of pity shook Dez's body, taking pity on the poor whiteboy who's cock had been nearly bitten off, thinking 'Damn, bet the poor bastard will turn into a limp noodle whenever his purty wife offers him a blowjob!'
With the video in hand, along with other lewd and incriminating poses that he got the couple into, Dez held up the address book they had brought with them to send postcards back to friends and family. "I'll mail this book back to ya next week, after I's made a copy fer myself! Ya's report this to the police and everyone listed in yer address book will get a copy of the video! Jist ya think what yer family, friends, neighbors and employers will think when they git to see this award winning flick?" he advised.
A week later, both still distraught over the terrifying and disastrous honeymoon, Matt and Gwen stared at the brown package that had arrived in the mail. Looking at one another, they hesitated, knowing who was the sender as the return address was marked with 'The Honeymoon Suite'! Finally open, the newlyweds breathed a sigh of relief in seeing the address book in tact but remembered that a copy was apparently been made.
Then came the videocassette, contents all too familiar to them, with a note wrapped around it. Note opened, both stared at the large bold print that read 'Great honeymoon! Let's celebrate yer first anniversary the same way! Will make sure a get a discount off the room!
"Oh, God Matt, he wants to rape me again, and sodomize me again!" In the embrace of her comforting husband, Gwen froze in horror upon feeling Matt's arousal pressing against her, then recalled how he had gotten himself off in watching the man rape and deflower her.