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Hi I Just Joined

My bride and I live outside of Baltimore, I am 24 and my wife Linda is 22. We will be celebrating our second anniversary next month and we do not have any children yet. I work as a foreman at a local factory while Linda is a "researcher" for a legal firm in Baltimore.

She loves to flirt and even after we married I encouraged her to flirt, it just turns me on seeing her flirt with other guys. In her office, one of the attorneys is a "her words" sexy black stud and her flirting has led him to always ask if she was available for lunch and a drink after work.

I have been lucky to marry such a sweetie despite my working in a factory and she is working with professional types. We have talked about her taking Bob ( the stud) up on his invitation to her and she would tell me what develops. Last night we used this fantasy in our foreplay and she told me one of her friends, at the office, had dated him a couple of times and told Linda about his huge cock. I asked did her friend tell her why they stopped seeing each other? Lin told me that he she broke it off with him when he wanted her to go totally unprotected and see what happened. Her friend is married and was doing it on the sly, but she did not want to present her hubby with a "surprise".

Bob even told her that he would help her with a quick divorce if she did have his baby and that he would be very glad to shoulder all the responsibility. I know that I asked her a very sensitive question when she was very vulnerable (in the midst of making love) but I did ask her if she was in her friends position and Bob made the same "offer" would she react like her friend or take him up on his offer.

She knew that I was turned on by this, she held me cock in her hands when she told me that she would want to be married to the man who gives her a baby, when the time is right. We had agreed to wait until at least 2013 to start our family.

We made very passionate protected love (diaphragm with spermicide) and I told her that the next time he makes his pass, take him up on it and see what happens. She will be back in the office Monday and I can't wait to hear what happens.

I will be wondering all day how her day goes on Monday. I get to work overtime and the pay is great but it means more time away from Linda. While I am working overtime it would be so damn hot if she was enjoying some overtime with Bob.
My bride sent me a text a few minutes ago. "Hon, going for drinks after work, make own dinner - Luv Lin". Here I am in the factory having to hide my growing hard on. I responded " with the girls?" Her response: LOL - I hope U meant what U said last week". She was referring to my desire for her to go out with Bob. I wrote; "Have fun and don't hurry back on my account". "I will be in our bed with a huge woodie just thinking about U".

Can't wait to get home later to check out some of the IR cuckold and cheating wives sites.

Linda called me a couple minutes ago, its nearly 11 PM, telling me that she would be home within the hour since they both have to work tomorrow. I asked her if she was having a good time and all she would say is she hopes I will wait up for her. I have to go to work at 7 AM, so a short sleep night tonight. After that call I couldn't sleep even if I wanted to, just thinking about Linda and this black stud.

They drove up around 12:30 AM and I had a perfect seat to watch the make out session thanks to a full moon. Lin and her date took a half hour to say good night. At one point I saw him leaning back and from the position of her head, I could guess that she was giving him head. After she finished they kissed deeply for a few minutes and he then walked her to the door, and not worrying at all who saw them, they french kissed goodnight.

After closing our apartment door for the night, she made her way to our room. Linda looked so damn hot. Her lips stick was gone and she smelled like a combination of smoke and mans cologne. This combination made my cock so hard.

She had a sexy smile and she told me that her evening was everything she thought it could be and was very happy that it lived up to her dreams so far.

After the office closed, Bob and her drove to a restaurant across town on the water front. They had dinner and then took a nice walk along the water. During dinner they talked and talked she said, about everything. She told him about my encouraging her to have an affair with a black guy. He told her that he has been dying to go out with her since she started working in the office a few months ago.

Linda said that he told her that she has the sexiest eyes and he kept looking at her cleavage. I asked her what she kept looking at and she gave me that sexy grin, you know the one I am talking about, the one where she is about to tell you how her date out matched you with his physical attributes. Linda said that when he was flirting with her in the office, she could see the outline of his package. As she played with my rod, she told me that all during dinner she was thinking about having his black rod in her hands. After dinner they went to his luxury apartment. They had some wine and sat near the pool at just enjoyed the clear night. He tried to get her to go farther but she kept it to kissing, groping and a bj in his condo and then later when he dropped her off home.

I was deep inside of her when she asked me if she could see him again. I must have had a far away or dreaming look on my face, because she asked me what I was thinking about just then? I told her that I was just fantasizing about how I think your next date should end. She then kissed me and said "OK let me know tiger". I told her that I would want her next date to end with her and Bob having breakfast after she had drained his morning hard on.

Linda said "are you sure?" His penis can make a huge impression on a girl? I told her that they should use condoms and she should wear her diaphragm if they are going to fuck. She told me that she was a little concerned when he told her that he hates condoms.

I asked her when he came in her mouth, he shot a lot of cum and she swallowed it all. While they were resting and cuddling, she held his penis and balls and said that these look and feel like very lethal weapons. He laughed and told her that he has three children somewhere in California, unfortunately he never has seen them, only heard that his love interests were pregnant. He told her that he hopes to find the girl that not only wants to get pregnant but also let him be a really participating Father. The way Linda said that to me, I knew it impressed her very much.

He asked her to go out with him tonight (Wednesday) and she told him that she would text him when she got home, after we talked. After I shot my load, she took her phone and accepted the date. He told her to bring a swim suit and that they will have dinner at his condo.

I know this is playing with fire, but knowing that he is very much in the hunt for sexy white pussy, makes this entire experience beyond hot. Linda and I love each other very much and this will probably test the strength of our marriage.