Hi guys, I'm Tasha!

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    Hey everyone. I'm Tasha, a white 20 year old married female, and have only ever been with my husband. Some of my girlfriends told me about how much better BBC can be than my hubby's white 5.5 incher. I have only ever been with him, been together since high school, married at 18 years old, and he's in the Army. I like to work out and go to college in AZ, and have always kind of wanted to try a black dick in all my holes. I have no STD's and am unable to become pregnant due to filopian tube issue I was born with. I know I pretty much must sound like a total slut, but give me a break, I've only ever been with my husband. Any advise on how to go about this? He isn't racist at all.
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    Gotta find out how serious you are and if your real.
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    hi i am ready for you my honey, just answer me
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    Not a slut babe u want to know what's out there, hope you can find it.
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    Good luck and try it baby, you'll love it!
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    Enjoy us one at a time and then build up to more (two BBC's and the gangbang sessions), as your experience and "flower" grows...
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    Hi Tasha I love that name because my dream porn star is named Tasha Hunter I have watched her suck and fuck so many black cocks
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