Have been discussing ideas with wife - just pillow talk

i was thinking of asking her if she would like a professional massage - we get a hotel room - the 'massuesse' comes in and start a massage and .....
thing is--she is more likely to try it the first time if I set things up. But she doesnt like to verbally admit to what she likes so if i asked her she would talk like she is not into it and act all 'shocked'. But when i ask her- while having sex with her, if she would like to try my 'idea' - she said 'if it's gonna feel like this - yeah!' But then when i ask her about it when we are just having coffee she acts all 'shocked' and 'pollyanna-ish'. Like she is two different people. She loves to fuck and always has one or 2 orgasms. But I noticed that even though we have sex 3 times a week she uses a really big/thick vixskin dildo and or/vibrator alone once a week - she thinks i dont know but i notice how the toys have been 're-positioned' and one time i accidentally walked in on her came home early she was orgasming on the water jets in the jacuzzi tub. She also comes real hard when i use a strap on dildo (Vixskin 'Buck') on her. So, she is very sexual horny but dont know how to make the transition- you know?