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Giving Her What I Couldn't


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Without going through all the unnecessary details as to how this encounter
evolved I lay at the head of our hotel room bed cradling my wife's head and
shoulders in my lap while our new found friend pushed her legs apart and moved
in between them. His magnificent black cock stood straight up and was throbbing to be
thrust into her wetness. I looked down at my wife's breasts which were rising
and fall as her breathing quickened with excitement. Her taunt nipples indicated
that she was ready for such an encounter. She reached back and took my hand in
hers, her wedding ring gleaming in the ray of light that came through the hotel
window. Her lover reached forward and kissed her on the lips which she returned
sensuously. My own cock was rock hard and I felt an interesting combination of
pleasure and jealously as I watched my wife surrender her pussy to this stranger
we had only met hours before. I felt her body stiffen slightly as his large
manhood entered her. He was much larger than me and it would take a moment for
her to become accustomed to his size. He was gentle and moved slowly and soon my
wife had relaxed and I heard her soft moans as she began to accept his large
thick cock. His pace quickened and her hips rolled and pushed to meet his
thrusts. The scent of sex filled the room and I realized my wife was being taken
to a place she had not been before. Her lover was clearly experienced at
pleasuring a woman and the added joy of his large cock send her into a sexual
frenzy. I decided to move out of the way so she could focus solely on her lover.
I sat on a nearby chair which gave me a perfect view of their coupling. He
fucked her forcefully in the missionary position, her legs wrapped around his
muscular waist. I slowly stroked my aching cock but had to be careful as I
didn't want to cum before they did. After several more minutes of lustful sex I
heard my wife moan loudly in a glorious orgasm. I knew there would be several
more as she had no trouble achieving multiple orgasms even with my average sized
cock, let alone his huge shaft. I was right. She came again and again, each one
gradually weakening until she lay spent on the bed. Only then did her lover
thrust himself deeply into and release his load with a loud moan. My hand
quickened and my release shot a stream of hot cum onto my chest and stomach.
After he had cleaned up and left I made love to my wife and was relieved that
she responded to my smaller cock after having just been taken by such a huge
one. We never saw him again but I know we both think about him often. I'm sure
my wife misses being filled by him.