Getting her on to the thought of it!

Looking for a good way to get my wife on to either being cuckolded by another man, preferably black or at least sucking or letting him mess around on her. Any thoughts?
Did she show any interest before now It may take a little time till she feels its safe to do such a thing and till she is sure that you realy want it too happen be gentle with her and give her time to think it through if shes tought about it before i would say it wont be long till shes ready to do it and turn into a true hotwife!..........Good luck anyway!


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I try and talk about it when i am having sex with the wife, i always say stuff like wouldn't it be hot to have another cock to suck or fuck, etc. My wife is definately warming to it.
my girlfriend flipped out when i told her i had these thoughts.its taken years to realise i love her and this isnt because i dont respect her or alike.
im crazy about seeing her with a big dick making her scream but shes not as into it.BUT.....when we have sex she often asks me to pretend im a bbc stranger and to abuse her amoungst other things.
shes determined it will not happen in real life and i respect this.
its funny though because she said if we ever split up and she met someone else,she would find sex boring unless she was begging to be fucked by bbc etc.hahahaha.
i think ir dvds are a good way to see if they like it or not.


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Try mentioning it whilst on a night out (as a joke) and see what the reaction is, if it's positive then you have the chance to make it a playful situation, "but don't push it to far, don't expect her to cuck you that night", play with the idea whilst you are out, then take that idea to bed with you and talk about it whilst having sex. if the response is is not good then don't push it. if the response is good, then talk to her afterwards about it ask her if she has fantasy's that she wants to fulfil and let her know that you are open to this.
The best advice I can give is to be very patient... If you have brought up the idea, and she hasn't objected to it and disregarded the idea entirely than there's a chance she might be interested... The biggest obstacle you will encounter will be convincing her you are completely comfortable with the idea... Once she truly believes you are sincere, then I'm pretty sure she will open up to many possibilities;however, just be patient.... It will take some time.


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My wife is warming to it just like chocolatelatte said be patient. My wife is starting to occasionally mention black while we are having sex. The last time i told her i had a fantasy about her fucking a hung former black coworker she said she would love it.
All phenominal ideas folks i'll try all of them, it seems like they all have the same them, right now it's all in my head now i just have to poke it into hers.


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If she is interested she probably already has thought about it. When you are in bed ask her about her fantasy's, all men and women have some. Even if she has a BBC fantasy she likely won't talk about initially, she will start with something a bit more mundane. Any fantasy she brings up help her fulfill it. When she is confident that you are concerned about her pleasure and you have at least attempted to fulfill the fantasy's she has shared then bring up the BBC scenario. Whatever you do DO NOT surprise her with a BBC. Several years ago, before I got into the group I am with now, I met with a couple for her first IR encounter. I thought she was on board with the the whole thing, turns out she wasn't. He thought if he surprised her she would go for it. She was highly pissed off to say the least, told me to get my ass out of the house or she was calling the cops. They ended up separating and I think they ended up getting divorced. So as several other have said in this thread be patient.