Generally speaking about superiority: The top 1% of BLACK MEN and top 1% WHITE WOMEN

Do you believe race plays a role in who is physically superior and most sexually attractive?

  • Yes, but only the top 1% of white women are physically and sexually superior to everyone else

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Although, there are various traits that set the two races apart, it seems as though the primary reason white women are attracted to BBC bulls is their physical prowess. I my opinion, the top 1% of black men (especially in the US) are clearly physically superior to any other type of man...keep in mind I'm only talking about the top 1% of every race of man and how they compare.

Do you agree with that the top 1% of black men are obviously physically superior to any other type of man?

Likewise, do people think the top 1% of white women are obviously the most physically attractive (superior) type of woman?

Obviously we are speaking generally about the best of the best and most people are just average and normal. I don't mean to offend anyone by suggesting an entire race is superior or inferior...just a question.
Fuck no that is absolutely some personal opinion bs. The top one percent in what? Intelligence? Athleticism? Dick size. Because I can tell you this much there is not one man on this site that out alphas me. Just because you gotta big dick doesn't mean you are an alpha male. That seems to be the general consensus on here among.. There was zero real world science in your post just complete opinion. I can't even give a valid response because it's based off opinion
I remember telling my wife on a long drive to LA, "If there was a race of females that had the most amazing pussies, superior to all other pussies, and fucking them was a dream come true, best sexual experience ever, and those same women had 'a thing' for white guys and were desperate to fuck our brains out, I can't see a lot of white guys who would say, 'aaaaahhh well, not really interested.' Well baby that's kind of where white white women are at with black men. Most (ok I was playing up the stereotype for my own devilish purposes) black guys, have big cocks, many have strong athletic bodies, and they want to fuck you and other white women and wives like there's no tomorrow. There's a reason the saying 'once you go black you never go back' is so common place." Definitely gave her something to think about and we fucked like rabbits later.