white girls

  1. KingbbcLA

    Need a BBC in Los Angeles to help me Double Team

    Have a phone full of white girls who wna take two dicks. Need someone to assist me who's down hmu
  2. Resized_20181002_220353_4581.jpeg


    Spreading wide for my bbc's out there
  3. whiteSAnerd

    Surfer Girls

    This may be a bit random but I'd like to start posting photos of sexy surfer girls. A few years ago I witnessed a scene where a smoking hot girl emerged from the water with her board. There were several guys on the beach watching her but she walked up to the one black guy who was sitting...
  4. SWM4bbcslut

    Is brown is the new black?

    I normally don't care for anything but black men in white girls but she is cute so that makes it hot with him being big and brown...
  5. bonano

    looking for white gf long term

    real African BBC looking for white fat ass woman! i like chubby girl with fat ass !!! but no matter if you're not just write me back!! we can talk seriously ! i'm for long term...
  6. FreddieZZZ

    Racquel Darrian

    Vote for favorite Racquel Darrian interracial meme!
  7. MackinMystro

    Bull in Michigan looking for a white girl.

    I'm taking a roll call to find out if there are any white girls close to me. 9 inches. 6'3"
  8. MackinMystro

    Any ladies in Michigan?

    If so hmu. Twitter or Kik, message me for contact information.
  9. MackinMystro

    Any ladies in Michigan?

    If so, hmu up on Twitter. @Mackin_Mystro I have more pictures as well.
  10. D

    Advice for bulls travelling - Iceland

    Hey everyone, Just discovered this site and seems exactly what I'm into. Anyways, just came back from a long Scandinavia trip; yes the stories you have heard are true. Many gorgeous white girls looking for the BBC. These girls are curious so if you talk a big game, and back it up you will be...
  11. BobbyLongKong10

    " If you're NASTY & U KNOW IT ..LOVE MY COCK..!" ;)

    " If you're NASTY and you know it - send me pics and REALLY SHOW IT, -ALL-MY-MEAT-UP-IN-YOUR-THROAT, " LOVE-MY-COCK!" lol .. Hey ladies and couples hope you guys are enjoying the weather!! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside in Chicago today! Luckily for me I live near the lakefront and people...
  12. Q

    Generally speaking about superiority: The top 1% of BLACK MEN and top 1% WHITE WOMEN

    Although, there are various traits that set the two races apart, it seems as though the primary reason white women are attracted to BBC bulls is their physical prowess. I my opinion, the top 1% of black men (especially in the US) are clearly physically superior to any other type of man...keep...
  13. Q

    Women only: when did you discover the power of BBC and what effect did it have on you?

    Women only: when did you discover the power of BBC and what effect did it have on you?
  14. SwallowingCum

    Hi sexy guys!

    I'm Helen and I live in Europe. I'm 20 years old and I love the feeling of a black cock in my pussy,ass and mouth. I also love swallowing cum like a good girl. I'm always wet and horny and up to a convo so don't hesitate to PM me any sexy guy ;) Have fun!
  15. Photoshop wife

    Photoshop wife

  16. Photoshop wife

    Photoshop wife

  17. Q

    What does it mean for a white female to be "built for BBC"?

    Please describe the quintessential white woman that is "built for BBC" What is here personality, interests, physical character traits, sense of style, spiritually, ect..
  18. Q

    2 part question on what percentage of white women lie about BBC

    1) What percentage of white women over the age of 18 fantasize about sucking and fucking BBC alpha males? 2) What percentage of white women over the age of 18 suck, fuck and serve BBC alpha males, but keep it a secret...particularly when asked about it by another white person regardless of...
  19. M

    BBC here to please

    Where are all the Michigan couples & women seeking a Black Bull?
  20. D

    Women with short hair

    I dig chicks with short hair. Pics please.