1. own white queens

    own white queens

    made her ******* on my bbc while I held her leash
  2. GIF_7957_FREE_TXT.gif


    It feels almost like a real thing, honey! This dildo is ultra-realistic. Feel the texture of its skin, feel the warmth of my hands on it, lick the balls... This is a good practice before sucking a real cock for me. Close your eyes and worship it as a real cock who fucks your wife! ✨
  3. IMG_6367_FREE_TXT.jpg


    As a hotwife, I like to dominate my cuckold husband. I like to be submissive (to a certain extent) in sex. I like to be dominated and controlled by real men, strong alpha Bulls. But, at the same time, I really enjoy the power that I receive. The power over my cuckold husband...
  4. Worshiping my bull while my pathetic cuck watches like a loser 😂

    Worshiping my bull while my pathetic cuck watches like a loser 😂

  5. DanteH

    Junger gemischter Bull voller Energie sucht Cuckold-Paare/Hotwives

    Hallo, mein Name ist Dante. Ich bin Single und 25 Jahre alt. Ich wohne in der Nähe von Aachen,NRW. Ich bin ein gemischter Bull (Vater schwarz). Ich bin hier um verheiratete Cuckold-Paare und Single-Hotwives zu treffen. Ich stehe auf verheiratete & ältere Frauen, und nichts macht mich mehr an...
  6. G

    Wrestling between gf and bodybuilder real story

    Hi guys, This is a real story that happen last year. In our country we have a bodybuilding contest, girls and guys are coming from everywhere to participate or to support other contestants. I was watching the show with my gf and after that we just walk around because they have little boots...
  7. Taking my time and letting this new Latina hotwife feel every inch

    Taking my time and letting this new Latina hotwife feel every inch

    We already can’t wait to meet up again
  8. villagec0ck


    I’m a submissive black boy looking for DOMINANT ALPHA WHITE WOMEN to discreetly own me as a personal sex slave. I’m obedient, sweet, but with a very freaky side and plenty of dark, filthy sexual fantasies. I love to slurp up QoS holes, I speak when spoken to, and would love to pleasure my...
  9. villagec0ck

    black boy seeking White Femdom sex in WASHINGTON DC

    Slutty black slave boy looking for dominant, alpha White Mistress to objectify me in the bedroom. I will worship and perform several sexual acts (we can discuss) to your (and friends/guests) satisfaction. I’m open to slapping, spitting, spanking, *******, collaring, and of course FUCKING. I may...
  10. tentinlo

    Bull in Birmingham

    24, M, in Birmingham Looking for a wife to please, will not leave until she cums👍🏾
  11. Y

    Texting and play over phone text

    Bi male looking for like minded people (male/female) for play and stories via text. Let's chat and see what we can come up with. I am very detailed and love to explore and play.
  12. breeding this little pawg

    breeding this little pawg

    hubby filmed, i broke in his little slut
  13. I love getting used like a fleshlight

    I love getting used like a fleshlight

  14. FF7D84A3-E5E5-49AB-8739-255BC4E1DEAF.png


    Oregon HW. Just how she loves it.
  15. Asian Hotwife & Israeli Girlfriend Blacked!

    Asian Hotwife & Israeli Girlfriend Blacked!

    Asian hotwife and her Israeli GF taking on a BBC Bull, as hubby cheers on. Rimming his ass feverishly, before he takes turns dominating them, fucking their holes all night long.
  16. M

    Size queen fetish

    Hi all, i have an average dick and its soo hot being compared to bbc that are so much bigger then me. It makes me cum so hard when a size queen puts me in my place and tells my how it is. I invite all women to discuss any cock posted here. I want to hear all honest opinions and comparisons. Mine...
  17. H

    The 4 Most Important Questions to Meet People IRL

    There are a lot of people on this site. Some just want to post discussion threads, some want to post photos, some just want to repost other people's content, like internet porn or photos. Whatever you enjoy doing, as long as you arent stealing someone's art, photos, likeness or identity, I say...
  18. IMG_2985.mp4


    More white slut domination
  19. Clanort

    Acceptance of BBC superiority captions

    Accept the fact that the Black men are superior and alphas is the very first step for a good interracial lifestyle both for women and cuckolds. So here a little pla e where accept it, appreciate it and enjoy it. So let's the adventure begin and stay pussy free
  20. L

    BBC Master looking for a submissive in London