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My wife and I got a couples massage while on vacation in the Bahamas. The masseur got my wife pretty worked up during the massage and asked her if she wanted to do more. She said to ask me. Apparently, I was pretty worked up about the idea as well and said okay, so she got her happy ending. The masseuse was a tall, black stud and I knew he was going to give her a lot more than I could and thought it would be an experience for both of us. Was I right?

Since my wife was already totally nude and obviously excited, there didn't seem to be much need for any foreplay. He rolled her over onto her back and pulled her toward the end of the table, parting her legs and exposing her pussy. He pulled off his tight, white tee revealing a finely muscled physique. He then removed his white shorts and briefs. His cock was huge and hung halfway down to his knee. My wife gasped at the sight of it. She looked at me with a mixture of excitement and fear. I assured her that it would be fine. All I could think about was watching that huge dick slide into my wife's pussy.

The horny masseuse moved between her legs and began to rub the head of his gigantic cock up and down her opening. My wife began to moan as he did this, but her hand was still firmly against his abdomen in an attempt to control his penetration. He told her not to worry and that he would be careful. She said he had fucked many women and know how to handle his massive tool. She seemed to relax a little and he slipped inside her. He began to fuck her slowly using only a few inches of his manhood. My wife began to get into it and was soon pulling him in a little deeper. The more cock she took, the wilder the sex was getting. My own cock was rock hard as I watched my lovely wife take a deep, deep fucking from this young black stud.

I stood and walked over to the massage table so I see everything close up. She looked up at me, her face contorted with passion. It was a strange expression, as though she knew she shouldn't be doing this, but wasn't about to stop. Her hand reached out and I took hold of it. I immediately felt the diamond of her wedding ring which added to the erotic feel of the moment. The young bull played with her taunt nipples as he fucked her and then leaned forward and kissed her passionately as though he was letting me know that he had full control of my wife at that moment. My wife kissed him back with matching passion as her hand squeezed mine tighter. The sound of his cock pounding her pussy was like a drum beat in time with her moans and cries. She had truly never been fucked like this before!

I could tell my wife was getting close to orgasm. I held her hand tighter and urged her to let go. I wanted to see her cum as this huge stud banged her. She took a few quick breaths and then, raising her hips up high, she pushed against her stud and shock with a near violent orgasm. The masseuse was also close as his cock was now filling her completely. He too began to vocalize his passion and withdrew his slick cock and jerked his massive load which shot powerfully past my wife and landed with a thump on massage table a foot past where my wife lay. What a load! As he continued jerking, the rest covered her face and breasts, and then finally her stomach and pussy. I'd never seen such a massive load come out of a cock in my life!

Unable to take any more I began jerking off as well and my load also landed on my wife's sweat covered body but with none of the force and volume of her lover. She kind of laughed as I came and teased me about being immature. That comment would haunt me later, but at that moment, I was still enjoying the experience of what had just gone on.

The next day I asked her if she wanted another massage, but she said it would be a year before she could take that again!