For the white boys that like the sisters

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Who would start fucking and who would start licking

  1. fuck

  2. lick

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  1. luvthatstuff

    luvthatstuff New Member

  2. Hedonist Ninja

    Hedonist Ninja Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Obviously start fucking...

    She has nice lips (the ones near her teeth) so I would take a BJ first. Cute girl indeed.
  3. MacNfries

    MacNfries Well-Known Member Sweet & Cordial Gold Member

    Its all according ... personally, I learned a long time ago to give pussy the "finger test" before I volunteer my oral skills. I've tasted some delicious pussy in my days, my wife's one of the best, BUT, I've also put my face into some rather rank pussy as well. Some of the prettiest girls I've gone down on have had questionably rank pussies. Smelled a few that smelled like a 1-week, dead carp. Hard to keep a smile on my face with those. :eek: Its just that some girls don't know the hygenics of caring for their pussies, and rarely does a guy tell the girl when their pussy just doesn't meet the "smell test" ... :confused: If a girl has multiple, bareback sex partners, regular hygenic care is a must.
    So, its the finger test for the MAC, here!
  4. willsrvu

    willsrvu Administrator Real Person Gold Member

    Actually, it goes way beyond the "finger test" for me, but if she passes ..... :mstickle:

    (The Wife permitting, of course! :D)
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