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for everyone.


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Hi there, don't know if there is a thread already asking this but:

1 ladies what do you like most about fucking black guys?
2 ladies what do you like most about chuckling your bf/husband?
3 cucks what do you like most about watching your gf/wife with a black guy?
4 guys what do you like most about fucking white girls?
5 guys do you prefer to fuck white girls with/without bf/hubby watching?
6 lastly what do you guys like most about fucking white girls with their bf/husbands watching?

1. The contrast in skin, their big dicks, hot bodies, and the way they fuck
2. Get to be a BBC Slut and still have a loving family and hubby
3. A lot hubby's aren't cucks, just enjoy their wife's getting pleasured and wife's loving it too
4. Showing them they can fuck better than white hubby's
5. Probably 50/50, there's advantages to both, show like showing hubby what he's not doing
6. Watching their husbands be in aww over how much their wife loves it and how slutty she is
I'm a guy not a cuck. and never seen in person black cock in Megan. my profile picture. I have seen hung guys fuck her in person. but never black ugh