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Foot fetish + BBC + cuckold


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Well, I love girls feet. My wife has the most beautiful feet that I ever seen in my life. I use to lick, kiss and massage them, everytime she allows me to do it.
Since the last year, she and her ex black boyfriend Axel use to have sex occasionally. During our second encounter with Axel, I begged them to fuck standing by behind. They did it and when they finally cum, Axel went to our bed to rest, he was tired (we had been having sex during all the night). Susie came close to me (I was seated over an small futon) and placed one of her amazing bare soles over my face. I thought she wished to lick it, but I was wrong. She kicked me softly and I fell down over the floor. Then she sat over my fece putting her pussy over my mouth to be cleaned. It was wonderful to me!
In another encounters with him, when they are fucking in missionary, and Susie wraps her legs around him, I use to lick her soles too.

18.jpg 8.2jpg.jpg 19.jpg 6.jpg tumblr_m6c9fpgpDx1rwdstlo1_500.jpg
I had a couple of married friends,one whose husband were into foot fetish. Hubby used to send her out on girls night out. He needed to see proof of what happened in the form of cum stains on the wife's high heels,hosiery or feet.

Of course I was all too happy to oblige.....:devil:
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The other,this was real infidelity.............................:eek:

During hunting season,fun was had....Of course she could only go out with her friends,so I had to have fun with her either in the nightclub parking lot or during her lunch breaks...

Of course I took pics......And about three or four vidclips too!!! b1.JPG d1.JPG f1.JPG h1.JPG