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First two women three-way

Do a lot of white women secretly crave black dick and other white pussy?

  • Yes, they do

    Votes: 6 100.0%
  • No, they don't

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  • Some women are just plain freaky

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Wifey finally gave in to her curious wants and desires. After a few mixed drinks we finally had a three-way with another woman or as I refer to it as BLACK MAN'S VALHALLA (for all you true Viking fuckers out there) I got the opportunity to thoroughly eat and fuck two ready and willing white pussies and they were maxed out when we were done. my cock is still throbbin hard. I loved it. The ladies enjoyed as well as I could tell by the moans of ecstasy and there orgasms. (Wifey especially she is a gusher) Just thought I'd share my little experience with you all. Remember guys and girls: eat, fuck and be merry as much and as often as possible and if u can't well, watch someone who can. lol
Set that action up, have a few drinks then watch the festivities. The ladies will be so hot they will just wanna cock in them somewhere. Trust me