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First time cuckold

well i would like to have some suggestions as well.
i would like to introduce a black guy to my gf but she is not really into this. we talk sometimes about this fantasy of mine but she doesn't move from her point.

how did you push your women doing this?? specially at the beginning....
what did you do to change her mind??
do you ever feel upset because of this??

and for woman.... what does give you more excitement and pleasure?

did it actually change your sexual intercourse with your partner after she had sex with another man (specially if it was a hung black guy)?
do you still enjoy sex as never happened?
and... more important. if you could ever go back, would you do it again????


Gold Member
I didn't push my wife into it all. We started with swinging and it led her going into BBC only. Didn't have to change her mind. Haven't been upset once. Hasn't changed sex with my wife at all. We still enjoy our alone time then we enjoy the time with the bulls.
We would do it again in a heartbeat.